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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by MethHardy View Post
I know they are not close but like I said we have to prevent it from happening at all times and sooner the better.
And yes. Our nukes are good and theirs are bad. Iran is unstable country ,unstable government with hidden agendas. There just to much corruption and extremist to allow them to have nukes. They could back a terrorist group like Al qaeda or sell the nukes and we can't allow that.

I have to go to bed now. night.
Iran has never been in the habit of attacking other people, much less facilitating aggression against other nations by selling nukes. There is only one nation that has used nukes, and that was the United States. Soviet Russia didn't use them, and North Korea didn't use them, even with Kim Jong Ill on his death bed.

Iran isn't a threat to the United States. They're getting the nukes for protection, and they know that they would be blown off of the face of the earth is they launched one missile at anybody. They aren't run by idiots. Stop watching MSNBC, CNN, and/or Fox.

Originally Posted by MethHardy View Post
Protecting people with disabilities from discrimination in being hired i meant.
cant afford healthcare he won't turn you away but will watch you go bankrupt instead? ok.
yes he did deny global warming and evolution as truth.
Americans should have a right to put whatever into their bodies? Okay fine go lock yourself in a cell do all the drugs you want and die i dont care. problem is drug users end up hurting everyone around them. Some drugs must remain illegal.
I went over that. He doesn't believe that governments should tell private business' how to run their business. Those who discriminate will go out of business, and will be replaced by those that don't. Free Markets 101.

Again, did you read my part about healthcare? His whole goal is to make it AFFORDABLE. Where did you get he wants everyone to go bankrupt.

His personal beliefs when it comes to things like Evolution are irrelevant. He's not going to put everyone to death who believes in Evolution. It's his belief and has nothing to do with how he would do as a leader.

Again, would you do METH, even if it were legal? People aren't going to suddenly start injecting heroine just because it's legal. They know it's bad for them, and only the idiots that would end up doing it anyway would be the ones to do it. Why should people be told what they can or cannot put in their bodies?

People Who Are Good:
Donald J. Trump
Marine Le Pen
Nigel Farage
Vladimir Putin
Thomas Brady
Shinsuke Nakamura

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