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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread


I did NOT think we were going to get FULL ON STATISTICS LIKE THAT!!!!!!
I NEED this game NOW NOW NOW!!! Universe Mode is going to be INSANE!!!! It's going to be exactly what it should've been from the start! I'm marking out so f'n hard right now if you can't tell!!!!

Thanks for showing the video!!!!!!!

I totally thought we were going to get screwed and they half ass statistics!!! But that is EXACTLY what we need!!!!
I hope the title holders list is endless and not just like the past 10 holders (which I'm assuming it has to be the former cause it tracks EVERYONES title reigns separately anyways!!!!).
UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! 1 week and 6 days!!!!! Come one already!!!!!
I'm going to be beyond addicted to Universe mode now! Crap!
They even have "time active"!!!! That's f'n awesome!!! Small details go A LOOOONNGG way in these games!
This game is shaping up to be PERFECT! I can't see myself being disappointed!
I'm going to go play it at Best Buy on Thursday so I can get a little gameplay in and freak out some more!

@Blarg, that's a good question. Hopefully it shows ALL the titles they've won. It wouldn't make much sense for the game to keep track of a certain show then suddenly erase everything if you change titles for the show or change the superstar to a different show.
At least I hope! If I remember, I'll try to test that scenario when I go play!

Does anyone have any assumptions on "hit point ratios"?
Maybe the amount of damage the wrestler can do on each body part with every blow??? I'm not sure!

"....or...you can just call me the soon to be crowned KING of this company!
DEAN AMBROSE is taking over the world! As of right now forget what you think you know about this industry,
because Dean Ambrose is about to blow the DOORS. OFF. EVERYTHING! SO WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!!!"


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