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Re: Smackdown 10/19, Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Originally Posted by The Sandrone View Post
I said this recently, but this is what will happen at HIAC:

-Sheamus will beat Show
-Show will hit Sheamus with WMD after the match
-Ziggler cashes in MITB and immediately pins Sheamus, but only gets the two count
-Ziggler hits his finisher, goes for the pin, and Sheamus still kicks out
-Ziggler goes for his finisher again, but the second time Sheamus reverses it, hits the brogue kick, 1-2-3.

WWE will feed every heel on the roster to Sheamus. It really is Cena all over again, only Sheamus isn't even half the talent of Cena.
You're overreacting just a wee bit.

Jack fucking Swagger cashed in the briefcase successfully. Early '06 Cena was successfully cashed in on. They're not going to have anyone unsuccessfully cash in on a weakened opponent, especially someone as prominent on shows as Ziggler.

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Every midcarder is paid well, big fucking deal. You still shouldn't settle for looking like a fool on national television, he needs to be a world champion. He could be getting money like Sheamus, so yeah, he should be mad. Punk wouldn't settle for that and neither should anyone else.
Having three competitive matches with the world champion, who's been pushed to the moon, in the span of two weeks isn't exactly looking like a fool though. Here's a strange concept: maybe he doesn't think of his position on a scripted TV show as SERIOUS BUSINESS and doesn't have a big ego, happy to be doing what he loves for good pay instead.

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