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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

Tonight’s show opens with a recap of all the events from last week’s debut show from Madison Square Garden. The recap focuses mainly on the N.W.O.’s shocking debut as well as heavily promoting Hulk’s debut. The recap then transitions to the world heavyweight championship match where it shows Jeff Hardy winning and the following Sting confrontation. Once that’s finished, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

The cameras pan over the Impact Zone as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to tonight’s broadcast. Once Taz and Tenay are finished with their intros, the music of Jeff Jarrett hits. Many have been wondering what Jeff’s thoughts are on all the changes that have happened to the company over the past several months, well tonight is the chance to get some answers. Jeff, dressed in street clothes, slowly makes his way down to the ring and once he’s there he demands a microphone.

Jeff Jarrett: I’ve got so many mixed emotions running through my head right now. On one hand I’m glad that this company is doing so well, so well that we’re even just held a show in the Mecca, Madison Square Garden and broke all kinds of records but yet on the other hand, this doesn’t feel like my company anymore.

The crowd starts to boo slightly.

Jeff Jarrett: It almost feels like my own children have been taken away from me, this was my creation, I founded TNA, my blood, sweat, money, and tears went in to getting TNA started and off the ground.

A “Thank You Jeff” chant begins.

Jeff Jarrett: And to just have it taken away from me like this, well it hurts, I can’t lie. But it is the nature of the business, of business in general really. People get fired; people get pushed out, often for no fault of their own. I understand all that, but what I want to know is, why wasn’t I even consulted on all this? Nobody told me anything; I had to find out that the Carter family was selling from the local newspaper. I would have helped, I would have understood but no, my opinion wasn’t needed even though I am the founder of this frickin’ company!

The crowd keeps cheering

Jeff Jarrett:
I’m not asking for my position back, clearly the train’s left the station on that one, I just want an explanation is all, why wasn’t I consulted? Why?

As soon as Jeff finishes his sentence, “American Made” begins playing and “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan steps out of the entrance tunnel to an enormous reaction from the crowd. Hulk takes a few moments to pose for the fans but eventually he makes his way in to the ring to confront Jeff.

Hulk Hogan:
What’s up Impact Zone?!?!?

The crowd keeps going wild.

Hulk Hogan:
Look Jeff, I agree with all that you’re saying brother, you should have at least been able to voice your opinion and I’m sorry that you weren’t able to but that was out of my control brother, I came in here too late in the game to do anything about it.

Jeff Jarrett:
That means a lot Hulk.

Hulk Hogan: I’m glad there’s no hard feelings my brother.

Jeff Jarrett: Not anymore.

Hulk Hogan: Good because I have something I’d like to ask you. Being the new vice president of this company there’s a lot that I’m asked to do and a lot of it has to happen outside the ring, away from the arena jack. I’ve got quite the promotional schedule lined up for the next few weeks and I’m going to need someone to watch the ship when I’m gone and I’d like that someone to be you. Whatcha say?

Jeff is speechless at first but eventually speaks.

Jeff Jarrett:
Of course I’ll do it!

Hulk Hogan:
I’m glad I can trust you brother. You’re going to have to keep your guard up though, not only do you have to keep the ship afloat, you have to keep an eye out for any tricks that Eric and the N.W.O. might try to pull.

Jeff Jarrett: They’re not going to mess with me Hulk.

Hulk Hogan: Cool, now let’s go take care of some things in the back.

Hulk’s music hits and the two men begin walking towards the back. Before they can step out of the ring, they are interrupted by the sound of static and sight of static on the video screen which is followed by “The following presentation is a paid advertisement from the New World Order.”

In this promo we see Eric Bischoff sitting on a motorcycle in front of the N.W.O. logo backdrop, similar to his famous promo where he called out Vince McMahon to fight.

Eric Bischoff: This isn’t over Hulk. You think you’re smarter than me, than us? You think you can simply flex your vice presidential muscles and poof, we’re gone? Oh no Hulkster, we’re not gone, we’ve simply moved to the shadows. Whenever you’re walking to your car, walking down a dark hallway, walking to the ring, whatever, we’ll be there right behind you Hulk, ready and waiting, ha ha!

On that note, Eric starts up his motorcycle and revs it a few times before the promo ends. Once the cameras cut back to the ring area, we get a shot of Hulk and Jeff both looking around trying to see if the N.W.O. is stalking them or not. After a few seconds of that, the camera cuts away.

Before the commercial starts, we see a shot of Impact Wrestling’s newest superstar, the luchador Mistico, getting prepared for his first ever match against “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. That match is up next!


Match #1: Mistico vs. Samoa Joe

Coming back from commercial it is time for our first match of the night, a true clash of styles between the larger Samoa Joe and the smaller Mistico. It certainly will be interesting to see how both men respond. First to the ring is the newcomer Mistico who gets a very good reaction from the crowd. Next is obviously Samoa Joe, who gets an equally good reaction.

Mistico goes right after Joe, looking to try and make a statement right away that he’s not afraid. However, his effort in trying to attack Joe goes nowhere; Joe simply tosses him to the side and proceeds to begin his attack. This is starting to look like it has the potential to turn in to a squash match with Joe getting the cocky, “this is too easy” look on his face. But Mistico is not ready to give up quite yet. Mistico hangs on, albeit not that well but he’s still alive in the match. Mistico realizes that he stands no chance trying to out-power or wear down Joe that way so he must rely on his quickness. Joe continues his domination but fails to put Mistico away. This ends up costing him. As Joe is attempting a move, Mistico slips away and out of nowhere he hits a quick kick to the back of Joe’s head which temporarily knocks Joe out. With Joe out, Mistico quickly covers him as the ref counts 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Mistico

Mistico scores a huge upset in his first ever match on Impact Wrestling. Once Joe regains his composure, he realizes he’s just lost and goes nuts. Yelling and going red in the face, Joe stomps around the ring until eventually he cools down enough to walk out of the ring.

Cutting away from the ring area, we go to a backstage interview segment with Mick Foley who is standing by with “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

Mick Foley: I am here with big Matt Morgan. Now Matt, Scott Steiner made his opinion perfectly clear last week about how he felt that competing for the television championship was “beneath him.” What are your opinions on it?

Matt Morgan:
I think I have to echo what Kurt said last week. Sure it would be cool to be competing for the world title but when you think about it, becoming the first ever T.V. champ would be amazing, I mean being the first of anything is a big deal in this business.

Right as Matt finishes his sentence, Scott Steiner once again comes barging in.

Mick Foley:
Oh great, what do you want this time Scott?

Scott Steiner:
Shut up Mick, I’m not here to talk to you; I’m here to talk to Matt.

Mick Foley: Ok, then talk.

Scott Steiner: Why are you going along with this garbage? Seriously man, grow some balls, take a stand against being held back like this!

Matt calmly turns to Scott.

Matt Morgan: Look Scott, this is my decision. If you want to take some ridiculous stand then go ahead, be my guest, but leave me out of it!

Matt then walks away as Scott shouts back to him “You’re going to regret it!” After failing to get his attention, Scott just walks off camera as the show goes to commercial.


Match #2: British Invasion vs. LAX – First Round of Mini Tournament to determine World Tag Team Champions

Now back from commercial it’s time for the final match in round #1 to determine who will become the new world tag team champions. The winner of this match will go on to face Beer Money next week to determine the champion. First team out to the ring is the British Invasion, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams who receive a mixed reaction from the crowd. Next is LAX, who also get a mixed reaction from the crowd.

A very even contest from the get go as Magnus and Hernandez start the match off in the ring for their respective teams. Both men lock up and use their strength to try and wear each other down. Once they get tired of that, they tag in their tag team partners who enter the ring and instead of locking up and trying to wear each other down with their strengths, they try and wear each other down with their quickness. Magnus/Hernandez with the power, Williams/Homicide with the quickness. The teams trade back and forth like this for quite a while until they both start wising up to the fact that in order to win, they’ll need to have an advantage and you can’t have an advantage when everyone’s evenly matched. So they decided to switch it up. Magnus enters the ring and starts attacking Homicide. The Brits work very well in keeping Homicide away from Hernandez. Eventually though, Hernandez gets pissed and takes matters into his own hands which is where the whole match starts to go downhill for him. Miscommunication and a lack of desire to work together start to plague LAX who have trouble doing anything at this point. With so much trouble, it’s only a matter of time before the British Invasion takes advantage and that moment comes when Doug Williams hits a Rolling Chaos Theory on Homicide which he follows up with a pin and the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: British Invasion

With that win, the Brits move on to face Beer Money next week for the world tag team titles. LAX can do nothing but hang their heads in shame as they fail to reach the championship match. Both teams soon begin making their way to the back when the music of The Motor City Machine Guns starts playing. The Guns just walk right past both teams on the way to the ring.

Alex Shelley: London, Kendrick, get your asses out here now!

A few seconds go by and no sign of London or Kendrick anywhere.

Chris Sabin:
Come on you bitches, come out here and fight us!

A voice is then heard from out of nowhere.

Paul London: Geez, what did we ever do to you?

Alex Shelley:
You know very well what you did!

Paul London:
Umm, no we don’t. Would you please enlighten us?

Alex Shelley: Last week, the fight?

Paul London:
No, if you recall, you were the ones who started the fight, it wasn’t us.

The Guns go silent as they try and figure out how to respond.

Chris Sabin:
Just get up here now and let’s settle this!

Brian Kendrick: No no no, that doesn’t sound very good at all. I think we’ll have to decline.

At this moment the Guns quit trying to convince London and Kendrick to fight them, instead they try taking the fight to them but they are stopped in their tracks when Impact Wrestling security step in to stop another fight.

Paul London:
Uh oh, looks like you’re not going to get your wish after all, boo hoo!

Brian Kendrick: But if you’re so intent on fighting, we’ve found someone who would love to fight you!

The Guns turn around and are greeted by the sight of a tall, strong, masked man who immediately levels both of them with two strong close lines. The show cuts to commercial with a shot of the masked man looking towards London and Kendrick as they are laughing their butts off.


Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts right to a shot of Jeff Jarrett in his new office, talking on the phone when suddenly the phone gets cut off and the lights go out. When the lights come back on, the office is all tore up and the letters N.W.O. are spray painted in black on the wall. Jeff can do nothing but stare at the wall as the camera cuts to the ring area.

Match #3: Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley vs. Matt Morgan – Round #1 of Television Championship Tournament

It’s now time for the first of two matches scheduled for tonight in the television championship tournament. This first match features two of the biggest men currently on the roster in Bobby Lashley and Matt Morgan. Out first to the ring is “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, followed by Bobby Lashley who is accompanied to the ring by his wife, Kristal.

One would expect a very psychical contest between these two and that’s exactly what we get. Although they are similar in size, Bobby Lashley uses a more traditional wrestling move set whereas Matt Morgan just prefers to beat the crap out of you. The first half or so of this match strongly favors Matt Morgan and his style. Once the match goes on however, Matt slowly begins to lose steam. Bobby is doing nothing more than not giving up and this resiliency is what begins to turn the tide. Matt cannot keep up his high powered offense for very long and soon his moves are reduced to little or no damage at all. Bobby exploits this moment of weakness by using several different types of submission holds, aimed at further wearing down Matt Morgan. These holds have an amazing effect; Matt can do nothing but try and hold on. At this point in the match though, Matt doesn’t have much left. He tries staying alive but he just can’t. Eventually he succumbs to the pressure and is defeated.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Bobby’s wife Kristal enters the ring to congratulate him and celebrate as the referee raises his hand in victory. Once the referee is finished raising his hand, the two exit the ring together, leaving Matt Morgan alone. Just as Matt is getting up to leave the ring, he is stopped in his tracks by the sight of Scott Steiner who is standing by the entrance tunnel, oddly looking on. The two continue staring at each other as the camera cuts over to the broadcast booth.

Before the commercial break, Mike Tenay and Taz give a quick recap of the standings in the T.V. title tournament. With that win, Bobby Lashley moves on to face Raven next week where the winner of Desmond Wolfe versus D’Angelo Dinero will face Kurt Angle two weeks from now. Once they are done recapping the tournament, they begin hyping up the next match, a Knockouts match featuring Daffney against an unknown Knockout. They explain that there are major changes about to happen to the Knockouts division, including new women about to debut. Once they are done with that, the show cuts to commercial.


Match #4: Daffney vs. ???

Returning from commercial, it is time for match #4 tonight between Daffney and an unknown Knockout. Hulk Hogan announced last week that he would be bringing in new knockouts in an attempt to revamp the division as he contemplates what to do ultimately with the division. Last week we saw the shocking debut of Natalya Neidhart, who will be this week? We won’t have to wait long to find out as Daffney begins making her way to the ring to await her opponent. She doesn’t wait long as brand new theme music begins to play and out of the entrance tunnel steps…ROXXI! The former Voodoo Queen Roxxi makes her way down to the ring to a good reaction from the crowd.

Daffney immediately charges Roxxi in an attempt to catch her off guard. Daffney kicks and punches at Roxxi to try and keep her down but that doesn’t work for very long, soon Roxxi is up to her feet and fighting back. The match soon spills out of control with both women nearly beating the hell out of each other. They go outside the ring and start beating each other up out there before returning to the ring and beating each other up in there. Neither Knockout appears to be backing down; they just want to keep fighting. Again, neither woman appears to be giving up. The action once again spills out of the ring. It’s in this time that Roxxi grabs a chair and tosses it in to the ring. Once the action returns to the ring, Roxxi sets up the chair and waits for the perfect moment. After a brief altercation, Roxxi catches Daffney and hits a DDT on her, right on the steel chair which of course causes the ref to call for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Daffney

Technically Daffney is the winner but Roxxi was the clear victor in this contest. Roxxi set out to make a statement in her return and she sure did, taking on one of the toughest knockouts on the roster and dominating. The camera cuts to the back with a shot of the referee trying to help Daffney to her feet, with Roxxi looking on.

In this segment we see the Lashleys in the back, just outside the locker room.

Kristal Lashley: That was an amazing victory baby I’m so proud of you!

Bobby Lashley:
Thanks baby.

Kristal Lashley: What say you and I go out and celebrate?

Bobby Lashley: Sounds amazing.

The two start walking away. Just as they are walking down the hallway, they bump in to “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

D’Angelo Dinero: Sorry about tha….Whoa, what do we have here? Hey sweet thing!

Pope begins checking out Kristal Lashley but that’s soon stopped by Bobby.

Bobby Lashley:
Hey man, back off!

D’Angelo Dinero: Alright man, alright.

Pope walks away, mumbling under his breath “damn that’s a nice piece of ass” which fortunately for him, Bobby didn’t hear. Once both he and Pope have gone off camera, the show goes to commercial.


Match #5: D’Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe – Round #1 of Television Championship Tournament

Match #5 tonight is the final match in round #1 of the television championship tournament. Whoever wins this match will go on to face Kurt Angle in two weeks. First up and out to the ring is Desmond Wolfe who gets quite the reaction from the crowd. Next up is “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero who gets the opposite reaction from the crowd, no doubt in response to Pope’s actions towards Kristal Lashley.

Pope comes out of the gate with a rather cocky attitude, not wanting to do much to try and attack Desmond Wolfe, he seems to prefer to try and taunt/showboat for the crowd. This strategy does not make a winner, it just adds fuel to the fire which in this case is the crowd booing. Desmond’s response to this is let the crowd turn against him because that means he’ll have the crowd on his back which goes a long way. Once the crowd has reached an acceptable level of boos, Desmond springs in to action. Catching Pope off guard, Desmond begins hitting him with several rights and lefts. Pope, looking to regroup, ducks to the outside of the ring. Desmond doesn’t let him get away; he also exits the ring and proceeds to chase Pope around. Desmond catches Pope for a few seconds and then Pope gets away. This cat and mouse game goes on for a couple minutes actually. Eventually the action returns to the ring. This time, however, there’s no escaping for Pope. Desmond has him well within his gripe and he’s not letting go. Pope struggles and struggles but there’s not much he can do when Desmond hits the Tower of London. The crowd cheers the fact that Pope’s been laid out and Desmond rewards them with putting him away for good and the win.

Winner: Desmond Wolfe

The crowd goes wild when the ref raises Desmond’s hand. They were tired of Pope and wanted to see Pope beat and that’s exactly what they got. The crowd continues cheering even as Desmond exits the ring but quickly switches to booing when Pope gets up and starts exiting the ring as well. They boo him even as the camera cuts away.

Before the camera cuts to commercial, we see a shot of “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles preparing for his upcoming rematch for the world heavyweight championship against the champion Jeff Hardy. After finishing up, A.J. stands up and heads out the door.


Match #6: A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy [C] – Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Match

It’s main event time! This is a match that the new champion Jeff Hardy asked for himself; he was so impressed with A.J. last week that he wanted another shot at him and it didn’t matter if the title was on the line or not. The crowd erupts as J.B. makes the official introductions, introducing the challenger A.J. Styles first. Once A.J. has reached the ring, a few seconds of silence go by before the music of Jeff Hardy hits. The crowd, especially the females in the audience, goes nuts for the champion as he slowly makes his way down to the ring area. Once he arrives, he hands the belt to the referee and the match can begin.

A.J. starts off the match on a mission, he wants that title and he wants it bad. The champion appears surprised that A.J. has this kind of fire in him. It takes a while but eventually Jeff is able to build up enough steam of his own and the momentum evens out, at least for now. The crowd is once again firmly behind Jeff Hardy and this helps him quite a bit, but not for long. Even though the crowd loves Hardy, A.J. is way too determined to care. A.J. increases the intensity even more than before and it starts to pay off big for him. Hardy manages to stay in the match for a while, simply feeding off the crowd’s energy but that can only last for so long. Eventually A.J. becomes too much for Hardy to handle. Hardy keeps fighting but eventually A.J. catches him and gets him in position for the Styles Clash. Just as A.J. is about to hit the move, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman come running in to the ring, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Hall and Pac begin beating on both Styles and Hardy. Their beat down continues until Jeff Jarrett comes running out of the entrance tunnel with a steel chair in hand. Before he can make it to the ring however, he is stopped by Kevin Nash who levels him with a steel chair of his own. Pac and Hall continue beating on Hardy and Styles until suddenly the lights go out. A few seconds of darkness go by until the music of Sting begins to play. When the lights come back on, we see Hall and Pac have left the ring. Sting remains quiet, simply pointing his black baseball bat at Hall and Pac as the show fades to black.

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