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Re: Will Orton regain his place in the company?

I doubt it. I like his ring work, but he is a totally fabricated wrestler. If he was in TNA he'd end up like RVD or Anderson, aka guys who can't make it on their own without a huge backing and end up going from top ME guys to midcarders after having disappointing ME runs. WWE isn't looking like they want to invest in him fully anymore, and with his own power and talent there's no way he can do any better than maintain his current position unless he turns heel and gets a character progression/revamp. I feel Sheamus, and most likely ADR will end up like that too if they don't try to change. CM Punk, Bryan, Cena and Ryback (due to his character and presence) are the four guys that can carry themselves regardless of WWE (although Cena sure has been shown down our throats despite that which makes his booking even all the more baffling seeing as he doesn't need it).
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