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Re: Wrestling Forum Pet Peeves?

Here is one that really irks me & it pops up all the time, on a daily basis I would say, especially in like, Diva threads as an example: people acting like just because they're ignorant to something that it is irrelevant or doesn't exist. Just because you have never watched any Joshi does not mean that all female workers suck, nor does it mean that Trish Stratus is some how magically good by dumb-shit, dumbed-down "well golly gee at least she tries hard!" standards.

It's rampant in the WWE sections because so many people watch WWE & WWE alone. Which is fine, but don't act like your opinion then holds any weight when you're trying to talk about a subject that is a lot more broad than just WWE alone. Like when dumb shit RockAE316 or whatever the fuck his name is tries to talk about anything pre-1997, the dude just doesn't have a fucking clue. Doesn't stop him from trying to voice his uninformed opinion & try to talk about how great Austin/Rock were at the drop of a hat. Best Puro wrestler ever? "ONLY CAUSE TEH ROCK DIDN'T WRESTLES IN JAPANS~!"

I don't know very much about Lucha Libre. I have tried to get into it & I just can't. I can't buy into it. There is a disconnect for me, a lot of which comes from all the botched spots, the noise-makers in the crowd & the super old & slow referees that take ten minutes for each pinfall attempt. That being said, I wouldn't go into a Lucha thread & start trying to tell Lucha fans how Rey Mysterio, Jr. is the best Luchadore of all time. Here on WrestlingForum though? You would have dozens of people that don't know shit running into the thread, not reading the thread, & replying with their worthless opinion based on thread title alone. You see shit like this in the Classic Wrestling section all the time. If you're a 16-year-old & only watch WWE, don't try to tell other people about how Ric Flair "wasn't that good."
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