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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Then what the fuck are you keeping up with it for? If it doesn't matter who wins and it doesn't matter who loses, don't even bother.

It SHOULD matter to the fans. I don't want fucking Orton having a WWE title match with Sheamus 5 years from now, we need MORE STARS. And god dammit does Ryback ever suck, but at the very, VERY least, he's new. That's not a compliment and it's not saying anything, but it's something. This shit is like watching a television show where every season is 100% identical.
Well, it does matter to me who wins a match or loses but it's not the base for everything. As long as I'm entertained, I'm okay with results. Exhibit A: Cena vs Lesnar. I enjoyed the match even though the ending was horrible, but that doesn't take away from the match itself, just a little but doesn't ruin it entirely.

Yeah, ok, sure he wasn't. He was only dropped because they couldn't get him over.
Wrong. I've been watching the entire year of 2004 recently and just passed by Orton's title reign. After beating Benoit and turning face, crowd went crazy for him every week leading up to Unforgiven. (and to make sure, I just went and checked the ratings for the episodes with him as champion and they were as good as before. So no, he didn't "kill ratings" either!) The reason he got dropped was because he was immature and had backstage problems. They even noted it on his DVD. Therefore, his push was not a failure because of what happened on-screen, but OFF-SCREEN. And if you try to use whatever took place AFTER Unforgiven as reason for his face run flopping, then all I have to say is: Unforgiven was a momentum killer that ruined any potential.

Well, he deserves a random, nonsensical match, not a match that matters. Especially after he went all Jeff Hardy on them and got suspended a second time after everything they've given him.
Except he was given a random, nonsensical match even BEFORE his suspension. But to WWE's credit, they never dropped the ball with him despite his drug problems back in 2006 so kudos to them for that. They saw the star potential in him and knew he is a one-of-a-kind talent they have in their hands. Now it's time they fix their fuck-ups in this past year and start pushing him again. Outside of Cena, Orton is the only guy on the roster that has "STAR" written all over him so WWE are dumb to waste him away like they've been doing since the Mark Henry feud ended.

No, it really won't be. It wasn't even that good the first time, and now they're both much older, and much less motivated to perform well given the fact that they have better pay days than everybody else put together.
I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt this time. Just hope The Rock gets in better ring shape so he can go for a few more minutes before he's gasping for air. And the first match is a classic, but hey, you can disagree and that's cool.

Yeah, maybe I am looking deep into it. That's probably because I respect Taker's career more than you do and I want to see it end properly. There's nothing you can do to top the atmosphere of a match with Cena and there's no better end than to retire at WM 30 having beat the top guy, and he's not going out before 30. Taker understands the value of numbers I'm sure, marketing an Undertaker WrestleMania 30 match, especially the finale to his career is something, properly promoted they'll make a shitload of money on and so will he.
Fair enough, which is why I don't think they can go wrong with doing Taker/Lesnar at WM29 along with Rock/Cena II (with Cena TURNING HEEL to win, I don't want a simple "return victory" either) as the top draws. Then Taker/Cena can headline the huge milestone that is WM30 and Taker can retire there after having one of the most anticipated classic bouts with Cena. They have already proved their chemistry and ability to work together in 2003 (and 2004 for Deadman Taker) so I expect nothing less from them.
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