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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
When they say that, what they mean is that you can't win via DQ or countout. They don't mention KO's because NO main eventer loses by KO, ever, it's just not a way that they end matches because it's anti-climactic. Theoretically, if that happened, they would have to give him the title. How do you keep the title if you've been beaten into unconsciousness? Getting knocked out would become a heel cliché to win matches.

Besides, I don't think it matters because in a HIAC, they probably just wouldn't count a KO and continue it until there was a pin or submission.
I know what you;re saying, but they've been stating for years that the only way a Title can change hands is via pinfall or submission, I can see them exploiting that as a way to keep the belt on Punk, keep Ryback undefeated, and further portray Punk as a undeserving Champion who doesn't deserve respect.

Say Ryback knocks Punk out, ref stops the match, gives Ryback the Title, PPV ends, everybody goes home thinking Ryback is the Champion. The next night on Raw Punk comes out with Paul, WWE rule book in hand, they quote what WWE have been saying for YEARS "In Championship matches, the Title can only change hands by pinfall or submission" then Ryback is forced to reluctantly give Punk the belt back. It's literally win-win for them, Punk keeps the Title, Ryback stays undefeated, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to see this happen, especially considering it's never been done before, Vince is big on them kind of things.

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