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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
IDK, maybe Hey,an and Lesnar kidnap ryback before the match lol. Or, despite it being no do, he beats punk so badly and doesn't go for the pin or anything, that the ref is forced to stop the match to stop the brutality.
If the ref stops the match because Punk can't continue, he wins the title. That's a KO win, they've happened pretty frequently. Tensai even beat a few people like that when he came in.

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
I personally couldn't care less about who "gets over" and who gets "buried". Shit like that should only matter to those in charge.
Then what the fuck are you keeping up with it for? If it doesn't matter who wins and it doesn't matter who loses, don't even bother.

It SHOULD matter to the fans. I don't want fucking Orton having a WWE title match with Sheamus 5 years from now, we need MORE STARS. And god dammit does Ryback ever suck, but at the very, VERY least, he's new. That's not a compliment and it's not saying anything, but it's something. This shit is like watching a television show where every season is 100% identical.

and I want Orton (who has NOT been "handed everything from day 1" despite your constant preaching about it. He was pushed, dropped then worked his way back up)
Yeah, ok, sure he wasn't. He was only dropped because they couldn't get him over.

to be in a match that matters in one way instead of some random nonsensical match with Kane over a fucking handshake.
Well, he deserves a random, nonsensical match, not a match that matters. Especially after he went all Jeff Hardy on them and got suspended a second time after everything they've given him.

And Rock/Lesnar will simply be a classic and that's all that matters to me.
No, it really won't be. It wasn't even that good the first time, and now they're both much older, and much less motivated to perform well given the fact that they have better pay days than everybody else put together.

As for Cena/Taker, you are really looking too deep into this. All I want is for the match to happen at Wrestlemania at one point or another, end of story. I couldn't care less if it's Taker's last match or if it happens next year. Just give me the damn match!
Yeah, maybe I am looking deep into it. That's probably because I respect Taker's career more than you do and I want to see it end properly. There's nothing you can do to top the atmosphere of a match with Cena and there's no better end than to retire at WM 30 having beat the top guy, and he's not going out before 30. Taker understands the value of numbers I'm sure, marketing an Undertaker WrestleMania 30 match, especially the finale to his career is something, properly promoted they'll make a shitload of money on and so will he.

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