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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by The-Rock-Says View Post
I don't think they'll have Punk lose at HIAC. I think the finish will be a cluster fuck and Punk will retain. Simple.

Find it funny that some people (Heel) not just a matter of a day ago was a fan of Ryback and has said many times he likes him, only a few hours later doesn't like him anymore and is having a go at people for liking him.

A post from Heel on Ryback literally only a few weeks old:

Originally Posted by Heel View Post
I really like the guy; he has a bit of charisma that is pretty rare in a big guy and he hits his big moves is such a badass way. Not usually my type of wrestler at all (My favourites are Punk, Ziggler and Bryan) but I'm starting to really get into him. As are the crowd, I mean just listen to the reaction when he's in the ring with Punk. He was treated like a big star.

Sad how some people change their tune on guys when they come up against their favorites. I'm a fan of both guys, but I don't want Ryback to win here, it's too early, Punk WILL retain somehow. Punk/Rock WILL happen. And I don't think WWE want to cut Punk's reign short just to give Ryback a filler reign and to only have Punk win the title back later, no, they're treating Ryback like a really big deal so I imagine Ryback's first title reign will be something special, he'll hold it for months to really establish himself (like Sheamus is doing now) and he'll probably win at WrestleMania for the same reason, to establish him, so I highly doubt he'll win the title here. I don't know what will happen, but Punk will retain somehow. The ideal scenario would to be a draw, with Punk retaining the title and Ryback keeping his undefeated streak, but I don't know how they could do that in a Hell in a Cell.
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