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Re: Must Watch Lucha Libre Matches?

I'll start with ten. I want to give you some various stuff from different wrestlers so you can pick and chose who you like and stuff. You'll probably not like some of this stuff straight away (if you ever like it), but what the shit. I'll only list matches available on the web and give linkys.

El Hijo del Santo v Negro Casas (WWA 7/18/87)
Santo's my got-to guy for people who want to get into lucha, and he's got more than one way to work a match - this is his tecnico (babyface) hair/mask match against his best opponent. These two have a top ten chemistry ever and this might not be their best match. I thin this took place in America, but it's 1000% lucha libre. I forgot to mention Negro Casas is a sort-of dark horse pick for greatest wrestler ever.

Bracito de Oro/Cicloncito Ramirez/Magica Magica v Damiancito el Guerrero/Fierito/Pierrothito (CMLL 3/10/97)
You need some minis. Everyone needs some minis. This is one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time, bar none. Lucha or not.

El Dandy v Negro Navarro (IWRG 11/18/01)
Mat-based match and not many people do mat-based matches better than these two.

Originally Posted by smitlick View Post
- Psicosis vs Rey Mysterio Jr - AAA - 22/9/95
- El Hijo del Santo, Octagon & Rey Mysterio Jr vs Fuerza Guerrera, Psicosis & Blue Panther - AAA - 16/3/95
Definitely watch these. I don't care what anyone says - AAA had some totally great shit in the early-mid 90s. IDK if Rey/Psicosis holds up, but when I was first watching lucha that was one of the few matches that stuck out to me. The tag rules and isn't even the best AAA tag of 1995.

El Satanico v Gran Cochisse (EMLL 9/14/84) - Hair match
Meet el Satanico.

Atlantis v Villano III (CMLL 3/17/00) - Mask match
The main event of the first ever CMLL PPV. There are grown men crying in the audience after this is finished. In my opinion this is probably the best wrestling match to happen anywhere from 1998 to 2012.

Blue Panther v Atlantis (CMLL 12/5/97)
Their 1991 match is one of the greatest matches in wrestling history. This isn't, but it's really great as well. I don't think someone should all the best stuff before everything else.

Blue Panther v Super Astro (AAA 9/10/92)
More Blue Panther! Astro is awesome and kinda pudgy!

Originally Posted by Cactus who quoted WOOLCOCK
Felino vs Ciclon Ramirez 1993
(Mask match, 7/9/93)
Aaaaand that.

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Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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