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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Sacrifice 2012:

Bully Ray vs Austin Aries ~ ****1/2

Pure magic. This match is what I really love about Pro Wrestling. 100% story driven. Based all behind the depth of the characters and what they're about. I'm really a guy who prefers a match to be chalk full of story over a match filled with 10,001 moves or "pure wrestling" only. (I don't think that is such an obvious statement either. Some would prefer Bret Hart matches over this. I digress...) There is so much more substance. These guys didn't even empty out their arsenal, yet it was a complete match. That's talent. Bell rings and I swear to you, I had a smile on my face. It legit stayed there the entire match. How often does that happen? I'm serious. How often does a match, solely on build and video package alone, make you smile just in anticipation? I really can't remember. I think back at the first Chikara iPPV. Which is fitting since this match really reminded me why I loved Eddie Kingston vs Mike Quackenbush on that night. Very similar contests. Both matches were so wonderfully constructed that when you try and dissect it, you really start to notice there weren't a whole bunch of pointless phases. EVERYTHING mattered. You hear that Davey Richards? Or ROH in general. I'm gonna branch off into another point as to why I loved this match: Upon discussing the state of Indie wrestling atm, it's been said that all of the leaders are gone. Guys like Joe, Danielson, Nigel, & Punk to really lead and help some newer guys work matches like this. Aries was one of them too. And while he's VERY experienced, he worked vs a guy here in Bully who was able to elevate him to an even HIGHER level. That's phenomenal. I can use about 500 more adjectives to describe that, but phenomenal works. We need more of this all over the world of wrestling. Instead of often seen pointless bs by guys who can't do control phases or make them interesting. Anyways...time to lose all semblance of decorum and say that this match fuckin ruled. It really did. Even when Bully kicks Aries off the top rope it DESTROYS him. Aries got up with massive bruises and cuts on his back. Bully = LEGIT. I could have done without the Joseph Park interaction though. However, seeing him yell "THAT'S NOT FAIR" when Bully whipped out his chain was gold. DAT FACE (right Shep?)

My firm pick for TNA match of the year..so far. No doubt.

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