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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Spoiler for BOLA 2012 Night 2 review:

PWG BOLA 2012 Night 2

TJP vs. Sami Callihan

Actually really enjoyed this, and for once Sami didnít do my head in and he was actually good in it. TJP was also really good bringing the intensity out unlike he usually does. The start was great, some of the counters were great too. Thought it descended in to the same old MOVEZ match that was on night 1 though by the end, but it was better because of less overkill. Samiís brief leg work played into the finish too which is always something I guess. ***1/4

Eddie Edwards vs. Adam Cole
The first three quarters of this were so good, with Cole being a dick. The íWe Will Rock Youí bit was so good especially Coleís reaction to it. Some really good comedy spots I thought which I totally didnít expect. Again it got too flashy for my liking near the end, but not in a really annoying or bad way like some of the shit on night 1. Again, I really enjoyed this, even the last few minutes which is surprising. Maybe itís because Cole is so fucking good. ***1/4

Michael Elgin vs. Brian Cage
Fuck, this started so well, the first half of it was really great imo, but by the end I hated it. Jesus christ. This is the most annoyed Iíve been actually, even more than the B-Boy match on night 1, because there was so much going for it only to be pissed away. It turned into move after move with no fluidity to any of it, just getting up and hitting another move for way too long. I wanted to punch a baby seal. At least with Cole and Edwards there was real fluidity and excellent execution to go along with the moves. This rating would be for the first part of the match alone which I thought was really good. **

Roderick Strong vs. Ricochet
Thought this was another fun match. It was better structured than the first two matches though. Would have loved Strong to work over Ricochet for longer though because Strong is really good at control segments. Still, thought they did a decent control segment and Ricochet was great at selling it. Didnít mind the finishing run either actually since Ricochet was selling the exhaustion and the toll of Roddyís offence. Still thought they kicked out of too much stuff though, especially Ricochet. ***1/4

Team Statutory vs. B-Boy, Drake Younger & Willie Mack
Yeah, this wasnít funny at all. Davey and Kyle trying way too hard to be funny, especially Kyle, and it was awful. Iíve seen Davey do pretty good comedy before actually but this was just terrible. Watched about half and then gave up.

Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole
This was good, but it was lacking something. A bit too back and forth for me, Cole working the leg longer would have been nice but it played into the finish. Surprisingly this was one of the shorter matches of the whole weekend, which actually could have maybe done with being longer, with almost all of the otherís being shortened lol. ***

Michael Elgin vs. Ricochet
Iím only watching this because Ricochet might be awesome again, and yeah, he was. Thought this had some really cool big man vs. little man spots and counters, which is pretty much everything Elgin is good for tbh. Ricochet is so fucking good though, so much more than a spot monkey or simply a high flyer imo. Some of the stuff he does is crazy, but itís the way he uses a lot of his offence that sets him apart from most Jrís or high flyers. Really enjoyed this but thought it could have ended a bit earlier. ***1/4

Young Bucks & Brian Cage vs. El Generico, Rick Knox & Mystery partner
Bucks are just awesome dicks. Knox conferring with Generico about how to take on Nick, and then Nick conferring with Matt about how to take on Knox was really funny. Generico playing the FIP is always gonnaí be great, but when youíve got two guys like The Bucks doing it and being great heels, itís going to be even better. It was smart too because take out Generico and itís easy going from then on. Loved when Generico trued to run outside and take a shortcut to get the tag, never seen that before. Bucks taking out Knox and then Generico finally getting the opportunity for the tag was great and a perfect time for Steen to come out. Steen hates Generico, but his current beef is with Cage and The Bucks, so this made sense and if youíre going to do Steen and Generico tagging, this was the perfect time to do it. Crowd loved it, and I marked out for it too. Great moment, but the Package Piledriver/Brainbuster spot actually gave me chills, especially the way Those two acted around each other with caution. Knox stuff was great, and the super kick made me mark like a kid. Loved this. ****

Post match stuff was good too. Put over the fact these two will probably never ever like each other despite putting their differences aside occasionally.

Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole
Didnít really care for this at all. Especially once I realized Cole wasnít heeling it up. Just a generic indy match with nothing of note and a bunch of flash once it got past the really good start that felt like a great brawl. Liked the finish too actually. ***

Post match was really good. Overall I did enjoy this show a lot more than night 1. I went in with low expectations and that really helped. Ricochet was the star of the tournament for me, heís so good. Cole would have been if heíd kept up the awesome heel stuff during his matches. Only really note worthy match was the 6 man tag with Steen and Generico which I loved.
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