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Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
Mahal was never established as the number one heel for NXT. He was sent to work Rollins because he wasn't doing much on the main roster. Mahal is just as much of a #1 heel for NXT as Drew McIntyre is. They can send anyone down to the NXT that isn't much of a mainstay for their main shows. Mahal is a "jobber", and his "band" thing is awful. If anything Ohno has been the #1 heel of the show. From what I can tell he never debuted as a "face" either. His recent run with Steamboat, and his run in with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat have easily been the best heel work I have seen since the show drifted from FCW. Your ignorance towards Ohno, and NXT in general is way to obvious at this point. If you can't tell Ohno is miles ahead of Jinder then I can't manage to take what you say credibly at this point.
With the exception of one or two moments, Ohno's character has been virtually nonexistent (or awful) to this point. Yes, both of those moments have happened during his recent feud with the Steamboats, but he did NOTHING of note from a character standpoint prior to that (going back into FCW).

Jinder's an established "main roster" guy who people recognize. He also made the final of their tournament, which made him the default "top heel" until they decide to give it to someone else. Obviously, having Rollins go over him means more than having Rollins go over Ohno at this point. That's not even debatable. Sure, Ohno's more capable in the ring than Jinder at this point, but I wasn't talking about in-ring skill (nor have I ever said differently).

I even said that it made sense to circle Jinder back around to Rollins BECAUSE Rollins is going to win anyway. Despite his status as a "jobber," Mahal still has more credibility to offer Rollins than Ohno does to the typical WWE/NXT fan. The same was true of McGillicutty. A feud with McIntyre would be the same way. Anyone on the main roster is a "bigger deal" than anyone coming up. There hasn't been enough time to establish anything else to this point.

I don't actually recall ever saying that "Jinder was better than Ohno," so perhaps your rabid fanboyism is showing.
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