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Re: Borderlands 2 (Sept 18th) - 87 BAZILLION GUNS...JUST GOT BAZILLIONDIER

Originally Posted by You_heard? View Post
Stop overrating this game. It was okay at best.
Awesome troll comment.

There are two things about this game that are horrible

#1 - Menu stick. You try to scroll the menus, and the fucking highlight just won't roll down smoothly, have to menu bounce til it scrolls down correctly. Awful, and asinine it hasn't been patched.

#2 - Progress lost: Ton of people losing progress, losing characters. Unacceptable, and grounds for free DLC if it happens to someone. Investing 10 hours into something and having it disappear is fucking bullshit of the highest caliber. The Steam "cloud" nonsense cost me an entire day of play when it prompted me to pick my save from the cloud or HD. Had no time to go base it on, so I guessed. I guessed wrong. Some people lost even more than I did.

#2a - The Map. I manage it just fine so it isn't an issue for me, but I know many people have stated the map completely sucks and should be 3D, so just mentioning that.

Those issues make me give this game a 7.3/10 or so, docking a full point for lost save files. If my score seems low, consider my recent thread on how the scoring system for gaming is a bit busted for clarification. The game is good (which is what a 7 is) but this isn't say... Half Life 2 here by any means. Giving this a 9.5 like some review sites did, would imply that it's as good as Half Life 2...which is a massively bullshit statement IMO.

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