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Re: Rebook a WrestleMania

Wrestlemania 2000 was definitely a misfire during a very hot time for the WWF with no single matches and a really weak main event. A card resembling more closely the Backlash 2000 one would have made for a sure fire top tier Mania


WWF Title: Triple H (c) w/McMahons vs The Rock

The obvious main event that everyone wanted. Vince turns on The Rock at the NWO ppv in a match against Big Show and is in his son in laws corner. Rock gets his big Mania title win and avenges Foley's retirement.

Kane and Rikishi vs DX

Same as it was booked, Pete Rose shenanigans and all. This was a fine blow off match to go before the main event and get Rikishi further up the card.

IC Title: Chris Benoit (c) vs Chris Jericho

These two had a legendary fued in 2000 and it would begin here in both men's mania debut. Benoit can cheat to go over so the series can continue

Kurt Angle vs Big Show

The Backlash 2000 match moved up a month before with the same story proceeding. Angle can lose his euro continental title in the 2/3 falls match at NWO instead and Show can go into his comedy schtick shortly after as well. Showster coming out to real American here would be one of the funniest moments in Mania history. Kurt can cheat with a low blow and pin the big man with his feet on the ropes following an angle slam, thus getting a big win at his first mania and lots of heat. Show crushes him with a choke slam afterwards.

Tag Team Titles Triple Threat Ladder Match: Dudley's (c) vs Hardyz vs Edge and Christian

Nothing to change here. Amazing match

European Title: Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Val Venis w/ Special Ref Chyna

These two both had similar lothario gimmicks and could have had a solid match. Chyna is made ref as both could have been making unsuccessful advances towards her leading up to this. Guerrero wins and Chyna joins him afterwards

Women's title bra and panties match: The Kat (c) w/Mae Young vs Terri w/Fabulous Moolah

Just a filler match but it would get the women's title on the ppv

Hardcore Title Six Man Challenge: Crash Holly (c) vs Hardcore Holly vs Tazz vs Al Snow vs Steve Blackman vs Perry Saturn

Would probably be a pretty cool hardcore brawl with a lot less filler than the overstuff battle royal we did get. Crash retains against all odds

Light Heavyweight title: Dean Malenko (c) vs Essa Rios w/Lita

This match gets all the titles on the ppv and both men always had nice chemistry. Malenko taps Rios in a short match for the win.

16 man tag team battle royal: Too Cool vs The APA vs Test and Albert vs Godfather and D'lo Brown vs Big Bossman and Bull Buchanon vs Viscera and Mideon vs Kai en Tai vs Headbangers

Winner is no. 1 contenders for the tag titles in an opener which gets everyone on the card. Too Cool were very over at the time and get the upset win last eliminating the bigger team of Test and Albert

What do you all think of this rebooking?

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