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Re: Sting's TNA Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Just got back from Phoenix. Despite being sleep deprived after a 5 hour drive and the loss of my voice, TNA was amazing and was worth going to another state for. From what I understand, the event was recorded and will be in its entirety on a separate for BFG 2012's DVD release similar to how WWE handles their WM / HOF combo.

Re: TNA Fan Expo

WWE are a bunch of crooks when it comes to this. You're basically paying $100 for autographs and face time. For $125, I got to meet (and yes, the talent insisted pics be taken with them as well as sign 8x10s for you!)

SoCal Val
Christy Hemme
Jeremy Borash (standoffish)
AJ Styles
Al Snow
Austin Aries
Bubba Ray (he was a dick, no surprise)
Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Hector Guerrero
Willie Urbina
James Storm
Kurt Angle
Miss Tessmacher
Zema Ion

Bobby Roode
Christopher Daniels
Earl Hebner
Brian Hebner
Jeff Hardy
Mike Tenay
Rob Van Dam
Samoa Joe
Taryn Terrell
Dixie Carter

(For an extra $75, you got)

D-Lo Brown
Bruce Pritchard
Brooke Hogan
Hulk Hogan

but that also got you a ticket into the Hall of Fame ceremony that served dinner (!!!) with a random wrestler sitting at your table to interact with you and whoever was sitting around during the show. I thought that was pretty cool. (We got SoCal Val.) So it was a great investment even if you're a Hogan hater.

Re: Hogan

He was just awesome. Security was giving him sh** because he was only supposed to sign one item, but he would sign more than that if you asked him. So as much flack as I have given him in the past, I have some new found respect for the guy. He really does care about his Hulkamaniacs.

The shocking part was he admitted to actually having an ego during his TNA HOF speech! Hogan was pretty funny during his speech. Same with AJ.

Re: Lex Luger

His speech was depressing to watch. Not only was he in bad shape because of the stroke (considering he used to be an impressive physical specimen back then) so much so that he can barely sign autographs now due to the pain, but he nearly had me moved to tears during his segment. I was starting to choke up when he admitted to everbody that he was basically a sh**ty friend and yet despite all that, not once did Sting ever leave his side!

Re: Sting

According to him, he actually wanted to retire years ago, but Dixie would always talk him into sticking around.

My only regret is Sting and Luger were rushed out after the show. TNA should've let them stay (I know they would've done if they weren't held back) stay to take care of the fans who spent a fortune attending the event. I also wish Abyss, D-Von, Rosita, Sarita, Elijah Burke, Kid Kash, Scott Steiner (ironic he gets fired when I finally go to a TNA event) and Madison Rayne were there. I really wanted to meet them.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I suggest encourage you guys go to a TNA Fan Expo even if you're not a fan of the company.

Sting's HOF baseball bat was $50. Not a bad deal.

- Vic


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