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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

Kinda cheap, but, a tip on beating the giant B.O.W. in Chris's campaign (on professional, but this can obviously work on any setting).

So last night, I beat Chris's campaign on professional. When I fought the giant B.O.W. at the end, I had 5 bullets.

I fired at him and then equipped my knife.

I then proceeded to run around, always keeping the B.O.W. in my sight, and let Piers do most of the work, while I swooped in at times for some quick knife jabs, before running away. When the B.O.W. was on the ground on his back (he lays there for a bit), I ran up to him, busted a sack, ran away, rinse and repeat the whole process until the boss is dead.

Piers does a great job of handling it by himself, you just have to do the prompted attacks on the sacks when the B.O.W. is on his back.

It was a little time consuming, but, it gets the job done when you have no ammo.

Just watch out for the shit the boss spits. Don't get hit by it, and don't run in to it.

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