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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread


zema/rvd - ***

zema finally won me over, pulled out some great moves, rvd didn't hold him down, shouldn't have won the title, but i guess they have a big name for the (non existent) x division

magnus/joe - **1/2

bit of a let down. the magdaddy wasn't at his best, seemed to just be going through the motions of nothingness really. joe looked pumped, magnus much less so. needed someone to GIVE HIM A FUCKIN CHAIR

storm/roode - ****1/2

motn, easily, and one of the best matches i've seen in ages. storm's bladejob was nasty as fuck, but got the point across. all the HATE. some cool spots, the tacks were a nice addition, everything went smoothly, KING MO THE ENFORCER was there just for the cross promotion really (even though i don't think they mentioned the promotion once). super kick to end it was a brutal one, roode sold everything like a champ.

ryan/snow - **

i didn't mind this. i really didn't. it was slow, it was boring, but it was above what i expected. snow was nowhere near as bad as i expected him to be, joey still growing into his role really. morgan can fuck off though.

3 way tag - ***1/2

took a while to get going. first 10 mins or so were awkward and snow, which is usually the case where they have 2 people in the ring in 3 way tags. when it kicked off it got really good, the spots were well done, executed well and there wasn't any sloppiness. hernandez/kaz spot was brutal as fuck. ending was a letdown. chavo is finished as a wrestler, the frog splash barely made the distance.

ko match - *

useless. same shit we've already seen 15x over between those two. boyfriend reveal pointless, might as well have been rob terry.

tag match - ***

kinda slow again, but to be expected. started off well, bully with the facepaint was a nice touch. it should've continued as a brawl though, when it got into the typical tag format (in a no dq match ) it really slowed down and got boring. should've kept up the brawl to get across how pissed off these guys were with aces & eights continually attacking them. ending of the match was weak, so were hogan's punches and the boot. reveal was nice, and it made sense, and kept the storyline going.

jeff/aries - ****

great match. expected it to bomb terribly but hardy held up his end. aries, as usual, was on form. some nice spots, crowd was cunty though. pretty much how i expected the ending to be, thought aries might nick it when he hit the brainbuster, but the right guy went over. overall a really good ppv, especially storm/roode.

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