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Re: MMA Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
GSP is an excellent wrestler, but Sonnen is better. Not only is he better but he is far bigger than GSP. GSP can dirty bulk to get to 185 with some extra muscle but that will affect his speed, cardio, agility, and his ability to shoot in for a takedown. Not to mention he hasn't even fought once since shredding his ACL. Condit has the best chance that anyone will get of beating GSP. He will be fairly tentative on that leg, so he shoot leg kick the shit out of his other leg. Not much fun if you're hesitant on one leg and limping on the other.

Jones hasn't fought anyone with a decent guard. He hasn't fought anyone thats a real threat off their back. Even if he takes down Silva, he could very easily get caught in a submisison. Fuck, even Belfort almost did it to him. Not to mention that Silva is a better striker than Jones. He is quicker, has better movement and won't be easy to hit. It would be a far closer fight than GSP/Silva, they both have ways of getting the win. GSP is a bit limited in that regard as a) doesn't have the power to stop Anderson, b) isn't an elite striker and c) will find it hard to take Silva down. GSP is an outstanding fighter, but Silva is just that bit better.

Of course you could make the fight at a catchweight, but who knows how much weight Silva can drop as he already cuts to make 185.

As far as Fitch goes, MMA is a sport. If you're playing football and the opposition can't stop the running game then you will keep rushing the ball until they can stop you. Its essentially the same thing here, you have to be able to fight your way out of any position. Learn to either fight off your back or learn how to sweep and get on top. I would like Fitch to finish more fights, and to do more damage but it is as much on the bloke he's fighting. If you knew that you could double your pay by exploiting a weakness in someone's game then obviously you're going to do it. As i said, i can respect the effort it takes to control someone on the ground like that. It is far different from a wall and stall strategy which is annoying as hell.
If GSP is an excellent wrestler though, wouldn't that be enough to take Anderson down?

Jones may've not fought anyone with a decent guard but survivng that armbar, and submitting 2 black belts, shows he's not someone to trifle with on the ground. Besides, Jones top control might be too much for Anderson to even get a submission.


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