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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Yep. Heard the thing that hurt Lockdown the most was a dead crowd. Morons. Why buy tickets to a show only to sit on your hands and do nothing?

Roode/Styles is one I'm keeping up on. I was gonna do an Daniels/Kazarian vs Styles/Angle match series next. I need to find the No Surrender bout to complete it. Good stuff though. TNA really has hit on some BIG stuff this year. No doubt. They're really letting their characters shine finally. Having guys like Roode & Bully be top heels instead of people like Anderson and even Sting really gives the program more depth. Bully is far from young, but he's certainly in his PRIME right now. Roode is much of the same. That world title run really couldn't have put him over any better.

My turn to do some REVIEWS:

Impact 1/4/10 - TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
Taylor Wilde & Sarita(c) vs Awesome Kong & Hamada ~ **1/4

Xplosion 7/18/12 - Bound For Glory Series
Christopher Daniels vs Magnus ~ **1/2

Xplosion 8/1/12 - Bound For Glory Series
Bully Ray vs Christopher Daniels ~ ***

The knockouts match still holds up as FUN. Some nice lucha spots as well as KONG crushing the dainty champs. Got a touch sloppy in one segment at the end. Nothing major. This still blows away just about every other Knockouts Tag Team Championship match. Since most are treated as a joke.

Daniels/Magnus was wrestling heavy. Really loved how it felt like they were honestly competing in a real sport. The BFG series does add that caviat and I dig it. Wasn't until the end when Daniels finally utilized some SHADY tactics. Like I said, match was very heavy on the wrestling. Magnus shined. He really has grown so much. I'd enjoy a push. Nice little match here.

Bully/Daniels was a perfect example of both men's psychology carrying the match. Daniels out heel'ed Bully. Using Kazarian to cheap shot Bully every chance he got. Daniels getting under the skin of fans so much that they would actually CHEER for Bully. Bully has such a presence that he could go face right now and be way over. He's that good at every part of working a match. Bully makes his comeback, fans dig it. All of this strong stuff in about...6 minutes. How great is that? Oh and the match begins by Daniels hurling his trademark appletini in the face of Bully. SUPERB. HEELS~

Next up: Bully Ray vs Austin Aries from Sacrifice. That promo & video package was (I'm telling you, I find it hard to root against Bully sometimes. Even in that package. He has that PRESENCE)

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