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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Sacrifice 2012 is AWESOME anyway. Totally started a run of real solid ppvs all the way till hardcore justice.

Anyway I was gonna watch Aries/Roode series but got sidetracked since I really wanted to see Roode/Storm before tonight. Also checked out another thing I'd been meaning to catch again.

Lockdown 2012: Bobby Roode vs James Storm

Holy crap the crowd don't care about this. Seriously it's actually awful. Pre match Roode promo just has one guy chanting ECW over and over which is garbage. Video package reminds me how BOSS the build to this match was, really liked it.

Storm comes out to crickets, fuck off. Don't recall a worse hometown crowd. Match starts off really good too, Roode and Storm try their best to get the crowd involved but nothing more than 10 seconds of cheers/boos really occurs. Brawls cool, Roode's control segment is alright, drags for a bit once they're in the cage though. Probably doesnt help that hes constantly trash talking Storm to presumably try and get a reaction from the crowd but you can practically hear his echo it's that silent. Storm's comeback is decent enough, but again hindered by the crowd not really being into it. Really like the finishing stretch though, Roode plays Storm beautifully just as he's about to leave the cage, and then holy fuck those nearfalls. I remember watching those live and how they got me, really liked that. Finish is awesome too, plays up so well to the Last Call being the match ender it was built up to be for so long but also fits into Roode's lucky heel champ thing as well. Really smart way to finish this, just a shame they didn't give Storm the strap at like Slammiversary. With that crowd there too being inifitely times better than Lockdown that could've been a really good moment for Storm.

Oh and Tenay/Taz being as apathetic as the crowd also fucking sucked. REACT to things


IMPACT Wrestling 5/24 : Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles.

Roode looks every bit the record holding champion in this. AJ comes in desperate to keep his record and get another reign with the belt but Roode seems one step ahead, reading so many of AJ's moves and not letting himself get distracted, which ultimately wins him the match. Every time AJ builds momentum he allows the paranoia to get the better of him and look out for Kaz and Daniels running interference, which Roode always capatalises on. His armwork rocks my socks and he always looks to keep it fresh. AJ sells incredibly well and the finish makes Roode look uber strong as he breaks the record. If this had no ad breaks and they'd put it a few weeks earlier at Sacrifice instead of Roode/RVD I have no doubt this would break ****1/2+. But it's still my TV MOTY for both companies and TNA MOTY heading into Aries/Roode.


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