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Re: Monster Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 6

Mikey was packing his things, preparing for another night of mischief. Grabbing his cloak and hat and cane he opened the door, only to find a man with a chainsaw for an arm standing there. Instantly Mikey swung his walking stick at the man who, in one swift swing, sliced it in half. Mikey dove backwards for a knife on his table. Grabbing it he turned around, only to be tackled to the ground from behind by a second assailant. Perhaps Mikey could still be helped? Possibly, but it was clean-up time and the heroes decided now was not the time to take chances. Instead the man with the chainsaw and the tall man held him down, while a third man entered and promptly shot Mikey twice in the chest.

Mikey Damage was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are Mister Hyde, The Serial Killer, Self Aligned! You’re a cruel jackass who is out to kill everyone because, why not? At night you may PM me the name of a person you want to kill. You win if you are the last man standing. However if you are ever targeted by a role from someone who is Monster-Hunter Aligned, you will become Doctor Jekyll, The Survivor, Self Aligned. Once calmed back down to your normal self, your only goal will be to survive until the end of the game. At this point, should anyone Monster Aligned target you with a role you will transform back into Mister Hyde the Serial Killer, and from then on you can go back and forth as many times as necessary.

It was clean-up time. The monsters villainous plot had been all but foiled, and those who hunted them had only a few final loose ends to tie up. Watching from nearby The Bad Guy sat in a tree. Turning it was time to make an exit and escape into the woods. The tall man noticed and flung his axe, hitting Bad Guy right between the shoulder blades and killing him instantly.

The Bad Guy (Seamus) was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are The Fly, The 3-Shot Busdriver, Monster Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. Having perfected your telepods you can now teleport live people, without these nasty side effects. At night you may PM me the name of two people. Anyone targeting one will instead target the other and vice-versa. You may only do this 3 times, so choose carefully.

Cloverleaf flipped them all off. Screw them, he'd take out a nearby city single-handedly. Unfortunately for him it was not to be, as all three attacked him leaving Cloverleaf a pile of discarded limbs riddled with gunshot wounds.

Cloverleaf was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Monster Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. You may be big but you’re still just a marshmallow-ish guy. You are just a vanilla townie, and have no specific role at all.

The final survivors stood above the many corpses and bodies representing the gauntlet they had just run. They'd be needed again some day, there were always sequels. But for now they road off into the sunset, planning to buy drinks and celebrate for the first time in a while. They were:

Skyfall was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are Ash Williams, The Jack of all Trades, Monster-Hunter Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. You have a chainsaw for an arm. I don’t think there’s anything else I need to say. As a clear one of the GOATs, you are the Jack of all Trades and have several 1-shot roles. They are:
role reveal
You may only use one role per night.

Your safe claim is: Freddy Krueger

TaylorFitz was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are Abraham Lincoln, The Roleblocker, Monster-Hunter Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. Little known fact: Abraham Lincoln not only stopped the South, but also zombies, vampires, and zombie vampire Confederates. Likewise, each night you can stop one player from using their role. You are unable to roleblock the same player two nights in a row.

Your safe-claim is: King Kong

CamillePunk was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are Van Helsing, The Godfather, Monster-Hunter Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. Each night you may choose a teammate and one person you want to have them kill. Also, as you are the greatest vampire hunter ever, you are well-prepared for any dangers and should anyone check your blood, it will come up as ‘Monster Aligned’ and on top of even that, you cannot be killed at night.

Your safe-claim is: The Mummy

QT Link: http://www.quicktopic.com/48/H/DuKwWaPsLyR2g

The Monster Hunters Win!

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