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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

Originally Posted by Skermac View Post
I'm curious, what age to you think someone is mentally capable to function as an adult, surely not 7? I wouldn't go younger than 16. Not sure what psychologists the govt used to set 18 as an adult.

Well 17 is an adult to join military with parents signature and everyone else isn't mature enough yet? lol The govt is something else.
uh i didnt say youre an adult at 7. At 7, you are psychologically able to make rational decisions by taking consequences into consideration.

Dont put fucking words in my mouth.

This bitch is being portrayed as a victim...she slept with someones boyfriend and showed randoms on the internet her tits. She made VERY adult decisions.

Also, you speak about her mental state being very fragile. Was this not made 100% fucking clear to her parents when they FOUND HER IN A DITCH?! Why would you not take your child for psychological help at that point? Why are the parents not being blamed for this? Is it because they just lost their child? Fuck that, theyre just as at fault for her death as she is.

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