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Re: MMA Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Noel View Post
Never understood the Fitch hate. What's the ultimate objective of a fight? To do as much damage to your opponent without taking any yourself. Fitch is a master at that, it's not his fault he's an amazing wrestler and his opponents can't defend a double leg or learn how to sweep. I've also never understood the "pitter patter" argument normally thrown at wrestlers, punches from full guard from someone like Fitch or Chael probably aren't going to knock people out, they probably aren't going to cut them either and will cause minimal bruising, but you can sure as hell bet that they're hurting the opponent whether the guy can "take a punch" or not.

More power to the guy I say.
Yes it is his fault. Just because his opponents can't defend a double leg, or sweep doesn't justify the fact that he has boring fights. People pay $60 dollars for PPV, to be entertained. When they don't get that, that's a problem,

And yes that is pitter patter. They rarely TKO people with their GNP, That's not power punches.


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