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Re: Wade Barrett should have gotten Del-Rio's push

Originally Posted by mr cricket View Post
He was really over during his run as the Nexus leader, before WWE screwed it all up.
Yea, he was. But because they've completely destroyed the only way he could get over, it isn't going to work anymore. Honestly, he has the tools and capabilities but the fact of the matter is he can't do mic work because of his accent, it doesn't help, it sounds goofy and "weird". He can't find a good finisher, they're all shit, and he can't garner heat in matches by taunts because raising ONE FIST in the air after clotheslining someone isn't exactly a good taunt.

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
And Del Rio can? Because that's who he's getting compared to, so you may want to throw that out the window. Barrett was getting top level, Earth shattering heat in Nexus, Del Rio was handed more than just about anybody in the history of the business in his first year and he still came out to dead silence. Even pre-injury Barrett was more over than Del Rio. Since he's come back, they haven't even given him a reason to be over and if they do, he will. I'll guarantee if you put the title on Barrett, he'll get more heat than Del Rio. Absolutely guaranteed.
I do actually agree. Del Rio can't really get heat and they've tried everything with him. Problem is though, Barrett wouldn't get much more either.

The only way he'd actually get over as a heel is if he talked shit about America and Americans, and how he is better than them, but it won't work because Sheamus is fucking Irish.

Just so you understand my stance on Barrett, I think he's great. I just think he doesn't suit American sports entertainment.

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