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Re: Beginning to understand why they turned Punk into the complete opposite...

Originally Posted by wrestling_junkie View Post
To what he was as a babyface. WWE knew how popular Punk was and he was cheered by loads of people and the chants were massive in some arenas. Was such a shocker when Punk turned heel because I didnt expect it, especially as he was built up as one of the top babyfaces in the company after his face turn in 2011.

May sound stupid to think 'How do you not understand why Punk is like this' but thats due to the fact I did not understand why would you turn him the complete opposite to what he was a few months prior. And for people else who was in the situation I was like, as I watch Punk heel turn progress I understand exactly why they need to make sure Punk gets as much heat as possible.

Have you noticed Punk berates the crowd constantly, runs away cowardly, belittles home-crowds, refuses matches, and putting him with Paul Heyman. WWE are trying so hard to make sure Punk gets as much heat as possible because of his mass popularity that he had prior to it. Imagine a Punk who didnt run away, didnt belittle the crowd, and althoug is meant to be a heel and he gets all these cheers, hes not really a heel if hes outpopping the babyfaces.

So now we have a confirmed Punk role whom will hopefully reign as a top heel in the company. I am liking the fact WWE are working hard to ensure Punk gets as much heat as possible because they want people to view him as 'THE BAD GUY' of the company. And to be honest it wouldnt be hard to turn Punk into a popular babyface in the future, all you would have to do is have Paul Heyman betray him with Lesnar - and Punk can go on apologisng how Paul Heyman posioned him and would seek redemption from the fans and woul take out Heyman/Lesnar or something like that.

So with all the complaining I have done in the past, good job WWE on CM Punk
I agree with everything except the running away part, because they have done a horrendous job with it, it's like seeing a copypaste of The miz, and that's saying something
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