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Re: Wade Barrett should have gotten Del-Rio's push


What the fuck did Barret do to stop being pushed??

He was such a convincing mean prick but then got fed to that cartoon cena and that was the end of it..

They had a true Villian and the fans totally bought into it and then he just disappeared, what did he do wrong? his wrestling skills isnt benoit but its clearly passable i think he did something wrong back stage..

is it true that cena found some competition in a badguy but didnt want to give him a rub would it surprise u that cena rather just mow through the roster instead of feuding with a guy that legit LOOKS like he could kick cenas ass?

would it surprise u that [behind closed doors] Cena told vince screw Barret hes probably gonna fuck up cash flow and since vince is stupid as it is he falls for it while in his mind [cena] knew that he had one hell of a strong villian here that looks like a threat feud/storyline/character wise, even though thats the point of wrestling cena like hhh, rather just keep himself on top no matter what..

its not unheard of guys, HHH made sure that he was BOOKED as a superman when rock and austin were occupied with other shit, and NOBODY was a threat to HHH storyline wise.. and he kept winning and winning and mowing through the entire roster,

i think cena saw this in Barret..a threat.. [i dont mean heir to cenas throne drawing power, i mean just physically and storyline wise] u knew that Barret could fuck cena up.. cena would have no part in that and buried the hell out of him and made sure Barret stayed the hell away from him...

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