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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Snrub View Post
i will give my ALL ILLUSTRIOUS DVD THREAD BFG REVIEW DEBUT when i watch it.

Holy shiz.


1. BFG Series – Semi-Finals: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

This was good overall, but I just wasn’t feeling it. They didn’t manage to suck me into the match. Everything until the climax was a random moves fest, with no clear focus in strategies. Once again, Hardy was not believable on the offense, he didn’t sell himself as a guy who can beat a big badass like Joe, especially not with his faux high-flying schtick. The finish was good, though.


2. BFG Series – Semi-Finals: Bully Ray vs. James Storm

This was better than Joe/Hardy, but the finish with 3 ref bumps pretty much leveled it in terms of overall quality. This was mostly a psychological, mind games-heavy warfare, that’s the area where Bully Ray fucking rocks. Roode’s interference was predictable, but his presence was totally badass-like, the way he was smirking and gloating was epic.


3. Knockouts Championship: Brooke Tessmacher © vs. Tara

This was really rock solid, minus the “You’re my BFF!” drama.


4. X Championship: Zema Ion © vs. Sonjay Dutt

Zema continues his streak of strong PPV matches (Doug, King) in this one. It’s a damn shame the X Division doesn’t get much TV time nowadays, because Zema is an awesome character. This was your typical back-and-forth cruiserweight affair, these guys worked hard. Sonjay’s offense is still very fancy and visually impressive, but they didn’t go over the top, everything was believable. This was good.


5. RVD vs. Magnus

Another solid match, but Magnus’ performance was top fucking notch. It’s just a shame they book him against painfully average wrestlers such as RVD. Bob was just going through motions here, he added nothing to the match. Fuck him! On the other hand, Magnus is the shit, he deserves a serious push.


6. World Tag Team Championship: Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian © vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles

Not as good as the Slammiversary classic, but this was damn close, right until the ending. I hate when refs go ringside to “check on wrestlers”, it’s not compelling at all, it doesn’t make any sense. That’s what happened here, and it hurt the overally match quality, IMO. But everything before that was excellent, there were two long FIP/hot tag segments, and your usual WTTCOTW awesomeness. There were some breathtaking spots.


7. BFG Series – Finals: Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

Now, this was bad. Just at the moment when this show needed a strong main event to save itself from mediocrity, they book something like this. This one had a big match feel, but it was nixed with all the “Harvey’s injured” drama. Again, Hardy completely failed to make me emotionally invested into his match, and once again – he didn’t look believable. I just couldn’t buy into him beating a badass like Bully Ray… and with a fucked up shoulder! Talking about the John Cena treatment there. At least Cena is one big mofo. And the match was bad.


This PPV was a step down compared to the previous efforts (from Sacrifice to Hardcore Justice), but it was an enjoyable ride overall. It’s just a damn shame the only stinker was the most important match on the card, because everything before it was a bunch of decent/good ‘rasslin. The Armbreaker/Aries fight was good, and the whole segment was executed very well. Oh, and the “Officer Hogan” stuff is legit the most hilarious shit in recent wrestling history. Fucking LULZ!

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