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Re: Beginning to understand why they turned Punk into the complete opposite...

Not sure if it was WWE's idea all alone but if it was kudos to them, its a perfect way to build up a heel by making him a massive credible face in the first place. Then later down the line when he has reached his peak have him kick us in the teeth.

Thats why its so awkward usually for debuting heels (like Wade Barrett and Damian Sandow or Alberto Del Rio) to get heat straight off the bat. Nothing they do (other than what they say) make them a threat. Big Show like CM Punk got massive heat (unless most of his heat is X-Pac heat) by turning heel after being a big fan to the kids.

Heel turns from top faces is probably the best to get keep heat as long as you continue to draw on that afterwards. R-Truth was another good example, although he wasn't a big face, the kids still loved him, his little promo the week after his heel turn made him a heat machine, the only problem was that his heat didnt last and started to dwindle, it didnt help with his face turn as he is now less popular than when he was a face the first time round.

CM Punks heel turn really reminds me of Bret Harts heel turn in 1997, everyone could see it coming but it didnt happen straight away. His shoot in 1997 pretty much solidified him as one though.

Its not the first time WWE have done Punks type of heel turn, its just probably been the most successful of them all in a long time. Especially as long as Punk gets a reaction I can see him being a big top heel for a while until it wears down and WWe can just turn him face again and repeat it. A similar stint Triple H seemed to use a bit back in the day.

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