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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
u know what i did when i was bullied in school for YEARS UPON YEARS? I got fed up of being a punching bag, and punched the next mother fucker who taunted me because I had enough of the shit.

If you cant stand up for yourself, and choose to take the easy way out, you get no sympathy from me.

I was bullied (legit bullied: namecalling, beat up in schoolyards for being an easy target, had batteries thrown at me in freshmen year of high school) for 3 years. I couldnt take it anymore, and had gone to my mom and dad when i couldnt deal with it silently anymore. My father told me that if i wanted the bullying to stop, I'd have to stand up for myself, or i'd be a victim for a long time. You know what I did to the next asshole who felt the need to call me a name, and take a swing at me? That's right, I dodged his punch, got back up, and knocked him the fuck out.

Killing yourself, regardless of reason, is a selfish act...and it IS the coward's way out. You know how many times i contemplated killing myself when I was being bullied? Exactly 0, because I knew that even if i killed myself and ended MY suffering, that my family would be suffering more because of what I did.

But freshmen are always messed with it's high school tradition.

EDIT: Well it was.

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