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Re: Details on Vince's backstage blow-up

Originally Posted by chbulls1_23 View Post
Yeah but Punk always wants what's best for the product so it could be him. Highly unlikely though. They honestly should just let Punk and Heyman write the script for the show. It would probably be a hell of a lot better.
I don't think he's come off like he wants what's best for the product, just what's best for him. . .occaisionally veiled with substituting "more deserving people" instead of "me" in his sentences. He's griped about the product in reference to his current status at the time and hid it as "other guys" not getting shots. When he was just talking about himself. Never does Punk bash himself getting too much air time, or being champ for too long, or him getting someone else's shot who deserved it more. He'd have to do that to actually come off as selfless and caring about the product in some form besides how it effects him personally.

It makes no sense in character or out of it for him to rock the boat and complain right now. Top guy for a year and a half, just attacked a fan in the crowd, huge paycheck, more popular he's been at any other point in his life.

The last person who'd open his mouth about it is Punk, because the main change the show's been revolving around him. He's been the main person benefitting from how WWE's been run the last year and a half. I'd literally bet money on it that it wasn't Punk. And I'm not a gambler at all. My odds of winning are so high, it'd be dumb not to take that bet.

It'd be like saying you think the guy who robbed the bank is most upset about the bank being robbed and losing peopke's money because he complained a few times about how banks screw people out of money in the past. I'm not sure how you could possibly come to that conclusion considering the bank being robbed obviously benefitted him immensely more than it did anyone else. So he's the last guy who'd realistically be upset about it.

Originally Posted by Swark View Post
So Kane cares a lot then, I think you mean 'couldn't care less'. Godamm yanks.
I think you mean, "Kane cares a lot then. I think you mean, 'couldn't care less'. God damn yanks". If you're going to be a grammar nazi, you should at least speak correct English.
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