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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Cult Feedback

Been looking forward to the show mate, gonna leave my thought in numbered form like Lariatoh! Have to say presentation is spot on, easy on the eyes so good job on that.

1. Thought the opening contest was written well, surprised it opened the show but still enjoyable. I'm guessing with the HBK injury thing we could see a rematch at the next PPV between the two teams. Thought Jericho was gold here in helping Miz out when he got flustered, good start!

2. Think we've had this conversation before, I didn't like Lashley too much when he was in the E but I hope you can change my opinion with him here. I think a feud with Koslov who around this time was quite menacing is a good start for Lashley but I expect him to go on to bigger and better things sometime soon.

3. Was gutted Regal didn't win the gold here! Not just because he's a fellow Brit but anyway I liked the match and the post-match stuff too. Good furthering of two feuds here with Cryme Tyme making the save.

4. Absolutely loved TBK and love the fact he and Zeke got the gold. Always thought he could have been so much more so I'm glad he's got a good start here and is on the right path. I expect these teams to meet again though.

5. Really relieved you gave Punk the win, but again nice furthering of the feud. Kane has always been great as a monster or comedy character and he is evil here with the cutting of the hair. Always liked Punk with shorter hair so good move.

6. MOTN so far, you really must be high on Matt though! Honestly thought Jeff would get the win here and I now fully expect a Matt Hardy/Cena feud over the gold on SD. Not sure where Jeff goes from here if I'm honest, maybe a 3 way feud for the title? but I'm not sure.

7. Good Diva's match here between Maryse and Gail. Think the Diva's can be great with a bit of booking so looking forward to what you do.

8. Ok, new MOTN now. Well at least in my eyes, really enjoyed it. Showed how much Cena had to do to get the job done here. Was it overkill with Show? maybe but if it was only to further the point of Edge's character change then it's okay.

9. Think the main event was quite predictable, not any fault of yours just that Orton was so big at that time with Legacy, he definitely needed the gold. Again another great match and the RKO on Stephanie only furthers the bad blood between HHH/Orton.

Overall a great show mate, can really see the effort you went to. Thought the commentary was good and the promo's were sound enough. Loved it, now onto RAW
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