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Re: Dishonored

Originally Posted by Hit-Girl View Post
I don't understand that about some people. I'll read a review for any given game and if I get that game and play through it I always put in at least twice as many hours as the reviewer. I'm not sure why people like to rush through games just to finish them. I love taking my time and exploring things. Why rush it?
Exactly. Of course, the problem is that far too few games actually reward it, or acknowledge it, or even allow it sometimes. It's the curse of the objective marker - no one wants to take the time to learn or explore the world, so now we have giant arrows hanging over our heads screaming GO HERE GO HERE GO HERE, and because that's all most people want to do, it's easier and cheaper to just develop games for that mindset.

First thing I did in Dishonored (and Deus Ex last year) was turn off most of the HUD. No quest markers, no item highlighting. Just exploration and experimentation. And brilliantly, pretty much everything I've thought to try, the game's allowed. This looks to be tying Crusader Kings as my GOTY right now.

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