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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Ether View Post
Yeah, here's some of the people on Duets:

Slim Thug
Jim Jones
Juelz Santana
Lil Wayne

at least Pac's Life mostly kept it on point with the features (except Papoose )
What are you talking about? Papoose killed that shit. One of the best verses on that album.

I always thought I'd have to die to do a record with Pac,
So I wrote from the perspective of a graveyard box,
You end up in the box 'cause them grave robbin' bastards,
Dig your grave up and snatched you out the casket,
Worms in my eyes, eating through my cabbage,
The flesh to the bones, The bones to the ashes,
But I'm not dead, I'm actually in a session
with the Pac Keeper, Sha Money, progressing,
They don't really want no drama, I know they goons,
That's why I keep the pressure on 'em like an open wound,
This is god given, he keep givin' me better music,
So every time you hear me, my songs present improvement,
Y'all can't kill me, y'all forever losin',
Songs of evolution,
If I load your gun for you and we bang it with some other .....s, you better shoot it,
Don't try to lie and say you was bustin', I'm clever, stupid,
Claimin' you reppin' Ruthless,
You got the same bullets you had when I loaded it for you, you never used it,
The Nasareema dream, get ready for execution,
Papoose, Fatal and Pac, the revolution.

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