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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

I disagree with the idea this was 'natural selection'

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs a hand once in a while. Thats why we survived for so damn long. Yes we are capable of great cruelty and sadism but we are also capable of great empathy.

This girl, I dont know what she did exactly. The details are sketchy, but it doesnt matter. Maybe she was nuts, i dont know. But I wont say she deserved it. Any way somebody could have saved her, they should have tried it

Natural selection is gone, because we rose above it. Yes, who doesnt chuckle when a redneck blows his nuts off with a shotgun or something and we all say "lol, natural selection at work". But its gone, because WE eliminated it. Because a long time ago our ancestors realised they can survive better hunting a group than as a team

Let me give an example. Scientists once found a homo sapien, around 40 years of age in a collapsed cave. He had arthritis, a withered arm, and he was blind in one eye. He also lost a hand to a wild animal and had a cracked skull. His tribe were most likely a group of hunters. This guy would have been utterly and completely useless to them, he couldnt hunt, use a bow, or do much of anything. In greek times they would have tossed him out to feed the wolves. In victorian times he would have been part of a freak show.

But in the stone age, this man LIVED. Someone, actually shared the food he had to kill giant animals to get, that he bled and almost died for, with this guy who served no purpose and basically 'held the tribe back'. Survival of the fittest dictates that man should have been left on his own to die, but he didnt. Someone gave a crap about him and took care of him. Thats why we survive, thats what should make us human. We empathise and look out for one another

I dont know this girl, and for all I know, nobody could have saved her. But that doesnt mean she deserved it, nobody does. And doesnt mean we should ever give up our empathy. We all face hard times, God knows I have. And so have a lot of my friends. But what makes us human, and friends, is that when one of gets knocked down, the rest try to help him get back up. And maybe one day, he'd do the same back for them

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