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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Spoiler for BOLA 2012:
Really felt like I sat through just under 5 hours of decent wrestling with nothing standing out as being special or great. Besides the Knox 6 man I didn't think either show had that PWG stamp I've come to love over the last 3 years. Too many ROH matches at a different venue.

Joey/TJ was a nothing match. I enjoyed Strong/Drake. Strong killed Younger and the match didn't feel like it had any down time which hurt a lot of the matches. O'Reilly/Edwards I hated. Fuck that shit. B-Boy/Cage sucked. Cage isn't good enough to get the best out of him with someone working as bad as B-Boy here. Sami/Mack was good. Steen/Ricochet I thought was gonna be amazing after the first few minutes but then Steen dropped killing Ricochet for being goofy and it killed the match. Cage turn I don't get. He was on fire getting babyface pops and this weekend felt like it just threw a bucket of water over all that fire from this year. Generico/Cole was possibly the best match of the weekend. HEEL ADAM COLE was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Adam Cole being a douche is maybe the best act in all of wrestling when he's on. He kinda dropped it on Night 2 after the first half of the Edwards match though and went back to Indy moves guy. Elgin/Davey I didn't care for at all. Their ROH match worked because they just had an extended sprint and didn't try to make it something it wasn't going to be. Here it just felt there and nothing special.

Night 2 was stronger but again there wasn't anything I'll be raving about. Sami/TJ was a strong opener and actually one of the best matches of the weekend. Cole/Edwards was great until it broke down to trading moves. Heel Adam Cole is the absolute greatest. Elgin/Cage like most matches started off promising with the powerhouse vs powerhouse dynamic but then it slowly faded into an average match because nobody knows how to work a control segment on the Indies anymore so every middle portion of a >10 min match is dull and meaningless. Strong/Ricochet didn't involve Strong killing Ricochet in unique ways enough. If Strong worked the same match from Night 1 with Ricochet then it would have probably ruled. I fucking hated the Joey Ryan 6 man. Unfunny people working comedy wrestling matches is the absolute worst. The Davey/Kyle stuff felt like such horrible forced comedy. Like "look at us we're funny and not always dead serious guys. Please laugh at us being funny." HATED IT. Did smile at Davey trading Indy spots at the end of it though. Cole/Sami was very good but the finish was odd/sudden which was a shame. Elgin/Ricochet summed the weekend up for me. Great potential that wasn't exploited because nobody teaches Indy guys how to work anymore unless they go abroad. Always worth nothing how great Ricochet is. Even if you can only appreciate him as a spotty gymnast it's incredible how graceful he is. That dive over the ringpost will never stop amazing me. No hands for elevation and lands on his feet perfectly.

The Knox 6 man was probably MOTW. Knox outworked most of the guys in the tournament. You know why? Because he's a referee and when he was in a wrestling role he had to think about what he would logically do in this position if he was a wrestler rather than focusing on his big spot later in the match. Loved him talking strategy with Generico, only doing the odd move before tagging out and the ref interactions when Bucks tried use Knox as a distraction. Some super Knox hot tag teases too. Loved the one where Generico tried to go out of the ring and then back in rather than going through Cage. I kinda hoped there was a surprise partner when the graphic displayed ??? and they teased it wouldn't be Steen only for it to be Steen. Thought they worked Steen tagging with Generico perfectly. Still got their disdain for each other over along with giving Steen a strong reason for "tagging" with Generico. Package piledriver - brainbuster spot was a neat nostalgia spot. Knox stole the show again but it feels more and more like a parody of himself after every show this year. Drop it now before it ruins itself. Knox's chops and that DDT ruled the world though. Also that new ref who didn't have black hair really annoyed me. I blame Knox and Hernandez not refereeing for my lack of enjoyment of these 2 shows.

Final was decent but forgettable. At least Cole won. Stupid forum had "ADAM COLE IS THE WIENER" in their PWG Thread Title so fuck that board. Too many ROH guys wrestling each other and producing the same results. Show was stronger when it didn't feel like a ROH event in Reseda, for example the Cole and Callihan matches were all good, the Knox 6 man and Ricochet being Ricochet. Should have kept going where they were with Cage and had Cole beat him in the Final. PWG only running two more event this year and the next card looks kinda meh. December show better be off the charts.
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