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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

'Back in my day' people didn't contemplate suicide or shoot up schools if they got bullied. Granted in my day, everyone didn't have a cell phone with the ability to take pictures/video of everything either. Also I'm a terrible example as I was the biggest guy in school, but the kids that did get bullied, they were bullies to other kids themselves from what I saw. I'm not sure who the guy on the bottom of the totem pole was, but there weren't any shootings or suicides at any of my schools that I heard about, so, yeah. Most of the stuff that happened in my school was racially motivated. A lot of rednecks from the auto/tech part of school getting into fights arguments with the black guys from the basketball team, almost on a daily basis. The chicks were a lot meaner than the dudes though, so maybe I just didn't hear about any of the nastier stuff.

This girl seems to have had some mental problems, or at the very least, was emotionally unstable. Not just from falling to peer pressure in the first place but then to kill herself over it all? Sounds like she definitely could have used a good friend or two. Or a parental figure that wasn't messed-up, that could instill some sense into her.
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