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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Chikara - The Thirteenth Hat

1) Mike Quackenbush vs Green Ant ~ ***

2) Jigsaw vs Kobald ~ **1/4

3) Icarus vs Gran Akuma ~ DUD

4) 3.0 vs Tim Donst/Jakob Hammermeier ~ **

5) Hallowicked vs Archibald Peck ~ ***

6) Ophidian vs Hieracon ~ **3/4

7) Fire Ant/Soldier Ant vs Obariyon/Kodama ~ ***1/4

Couple of note on this show:

~ As every single Chikara show tends to be, this was a boatload of FUN for the majority.

~ Ophidian's new style is underwhelming. He's such a good & interesting talent that seeing him remove lots of his high impact offense for a nerve hold is sort of depressing. He cut a wicked promo though. So that aspect of him grew with the character change.

~ Glad Hieracon was axed right from the start. Never liked him. (crowd didn't either as he was booed constantly during the match)

~ Icarus vs Akuma wasn't even a match. Clearly a tease to only further the story along. Still, they could have done a bit more than stand around.

~ Archibald Peck is king. Who didn't know that already?

~ Main event was good. Not great, but good. I want a rematch though. I know those 4 can REALLY turn it on and have a stellar match.

~ Tim Donst = BAD ASS

~ Green Ant got a huge deal submitting Quack. He's so good for only wrestling, what like, just NOW 3 years? Really don't know who I like more in The Colony: Fire or Green.

~ I loved the opening video with Mantis, Hallowicked, & Delirious in the CAVE. We need more promos like that.

~ VIN GERARD assaulting Gavin & security =

All in all they did what they needed to do. Set up angles in the year nicely, all the while of putting on an entertaining show. Good ol CHIKARA.

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