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Re: Wrestling Forum Pet Peeves?

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
All the "problems" I had pretty much went away when I turned signatures off in my control panel. Other than that, just adding a couple people to my ignore list & I don't have anything wrong with the forum anymore. I have used the report feature a few times but usually it's because of something like someone having an avatar of a chick giving oral sex to someone when I'm trying to browse the forums at work or something. Thankfully the mods/admins are all pretty chill & on top of stuff like that real fast.

I will admit that there are a scary number of perverts/sexual deviants here though. Not just in the Women of Wrestling or Celebrities sections either. Ever had a picture of an attractive woman in your signature? You'll get rep/PMs by the dozen asking who she is. Or if a thread is made on Kelly Kelly or AJ Lee or any other female, you will get at least twenty pages of people calling them sluts, whores, skanks, etc. and another twenty pages of people talking about all the things they want to do to them sexually, or how they're going to wind-up in porn or whatever. It's pretty bad.
Now I know why you removed that Hannah Minx av/sig pretty quickly ha. Yeah pretty much agree with everything you said. AJ the fucking slutwhorecunt.

Flatley my dear, I don't Riverdance.
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