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Re: Rebook a WrestleMania

I did these back during the build to Mania 27, it's not entirely based on 'real events' (Sting, Batista, etc.), they're really long and there may be typos/mistakes, etc. but whatever:

Spoiler for Edge (c) Vs Del Rio Vs Christian: World Heavyweight Championship:
Going into the Royal Rumble PPV, Edge is looking for a challenger to his World Heavyweight Championship that he HASN’T already beaten and they are few and far between. Alberto Del Rio answers the challenge and offers himself forward as the Number One Contender to the World Title but Edge reminds Del Rio that he lost at TLC and that there is no way he’s deserving of a second chance after that poor performance. Vickie Guerrero interrupts and announces a Number One Contenders Match for later that night, between Alberto Del Rio and a mystery opponent, with the winner going on to face Edge at the Royal Rumble PPV. Roll around the Main Event and Del Rio is raring to go when Christian’s music hits to the loudest pop of the night. Christian comes out; all healed up from his pectoral injury, and gains a measure of revenge on Alberto Del Rio, defeating him to become the number one contender to the World Title. The Rumble match is built as two friends with a mutual respect facing off to see who truly is the better man. Del Rio recovers from the loss and qualifies for the Royal Rumble Match, defeating William Regal on Raw to claim a spot for himself. Del Rio quietly talks himself up as the guy to look out for in the Royal Rumble whilst Edge and Christian’s feud takes the prize of top billing every on every Smackdown. When the Rumble hits, the match quickly goes from being about respect to being about winning by any means necessary to claim that top prize. Both men beat the living hell out of each other and end up simultaneously pinning each other to end the match in a draw, therefore allowing Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Following up in the main event of the show, Albert Del Rio wins the Royal Rumble match to earn a shot at a Championship of his choosing at Wrestlemania.

Christian and Edge have a rematch the next night on Raw with a double count out being the result of this match, leaving at 2 ties in 2 matches. Days later on Smackdown, Christian and Edge are officially announced as the first two men in the Smackdown World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match. The build to Chamber then sees Edge say that, originally, the feud was about two men trying to see who was the better wrestler but it’s turned into a battle for something much more important; the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge even goes as far as to say Christian would ‘have to kill him’ to get his hands on that belt. Come the PPV, they both last the entire match, being the final two left to fight it out for the World Title. As Christian goes to nail Edge with a match-ending Spear, Edge retrieves a chair Kane brought into the ring after his elimination earlier in the match and slams it into Christian’s skull as he runs for the spear, knocking him out cold and allow Edge the chance to get the one, two, three and to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

As those two fight, tooth and claw, Alberto Del Rio takes it easy, competing against jobbers on Smackdown to emphasise just how good he is in the ring, even going as far as to ‘take the night off’ at Elimination Chamber by appearing on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel, alongside the returning Triple H. Del Rio and Triple H have a confrontation before the segment breaks out into a full blown brawl with The Miz and Alex Riley coming down to help Jericho and Del Rio all beat down Triple H. The lights go out and Undertaker returns to make the save, as Del Rio flees and Undertaker nails Triple H with a Chokeslam.

The next Smackdown rolls around with Edge’s championship celebration being interrupted by Christian who feels genuinely screwed over after the sledgehammer shot that cost him the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber. Alberto Del Rio comes out and claims that Christian has had his chances, many of them, and that he has blown every single one and that he will NOT be in the Main Event at Wrestlemania. He will have to deal with watching Alberto Del Rio defeat Edge to become the New World Heavyweight Champion. Teddy Long comes out and claims that, while he can’t change that Del Rio will be facing Edge for the World Title at Wrestlemania, that he can add to it, making the Main Event at Wrestlemania a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship with all three men competing for the top prize. In the last few weeks’ worth of build towards Wrestlemania, everything is built around the Christian/Edge rivalry with Alberto Del Rio lurking in the background, cutting promos here and there saying he’s going to let Christian and Edge tear each other apart and then he’ll pick up the scraps and claim the win and the title. One week in particular, this shows, as a Wrestlemania Preview Match is booked: Edge Vs Christian Vs Alberto Del Rio in a Non-Title Match. As Edge and Christian both wait in the ring, Del Rio sneak attacks both men, laying them both out with chair shots, showing just how clever he can be. The go-home Smackdown show features a huge six-man tag team match as Edge, Jericho and Dolph Ziggler go up against Christian, Undertaker and Kofi Kingston with Alberto Del Rio as the Special Guest Referee. The end of the match sees Jericho being chased backstage by The Undertaker, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler crashing off the top rope through the announcers table, leaving Edge and Christian ready for the finish as Christian lines Edge up for a Spear as Edge staggers up to his feet with a pair of brass knucks on, which Del Rio actually spots, quickly grabbing them off Edge as Christian looks on confused but slightly smug. Del Rio and Edge argue over it and Christian grabs Edge, setting him up for the Killswitch before Del Rio cracks him with the knucks himself to a loud chorus of boos. Edge follows up by crushing Christian with a spear for the three count. Del Rio raises Edge’s arm in victory at the end, allowing Edge a moment or two to celebrate the victory before quickly locking him in his flying Armbar finisher, leaving both Edge and Christian laid out in the middle of the ring as Del Rio points to the Wrestlemania sign just two days before the big show.

Spoiler for Legend Vs Legend Killer: Sting Vs Randy Orton:
The first feel of a potential feud between Sting and Randy Orton occurs at the 2010 Slammy Awards where Randy Orton comes out to present the Moment Of The Year award for the Undertaker/Shawn Michaels match that saw Shawn retire. As Randy Orton puts himself over just before the actual presentation of the award, a camera points towards the rafters to show Sting just standing up there, watching. Orton freaks out a little but carries on with his little speech as the cameras jump between him and Sting as the fans chant for the WCW Legend.

As 2011 gets underway, Sting is announced as the first man to be going into the WWE Hall Of Fame and he appears on Raw (a heavily publicised event) and thanks the WWE Universe for being gracious enough to accept an outsider into their Hall Of Fame. Randy Orton interrupts the segment and puts himself over. “I’ve been here, destroying legends since the day I debuted in the WWE. They use to call me the ‘Legend Killer’ and that, by the standards I use to carry, you’re no Legend.” Sting challenges Orton to come down to the ring and say that to his face which Orton does and the two men end up in a pull-apart brawl.

Sting is not seen on WWE TV again until the Royal Rumble Match. Randy Orton is one of the last five men left in the ring, alongside Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk. Orton takes all four men out with RKO’s all around before the lights cut out for a split second and when they come back on, Sting stands behind Orton, baseball bat in hand. Orton turns around and the bat is driven into his mid-section followed by a few ferocious right hands from Sting. The two battle it out, Sting nailing the Stinger Splash and Orton going for the RKO but Sting counters, shoves Orton off the ropes and charges him, clotheslining both Orton and himself up and over the top rope, costing Orton a WWE/World Title shot. The two men continue to battle it out before being pulled apart by WWE officials as the Rumble Match continues.

The next night on Raw, Randy Orton is on a war-path as he attacks several superstars before calling out Sting. Just as the anticipation looks ready to peak and Orton is about to snap someone in two, the Raw GM sends an e-mail through to tell Orton that if he touches another superstar, he will forfeit his opportunity to compete in the Elimination Chamber Match and that, if he touches another superstar outside of in-ring competition, he will be indefinitely suspended without pay. Orton is defeated by Batista but Orton retaliates by nailing Batista with a chair and an RKO onto that same chair. He is indefinitely suspended in the process.

The night after Elimination Chamber, Randy Orton’s suspension is lifted and he returns to Raw to cut another promo calling Sting out to the ring once again. This time, Sting obliges, descending from the rafters and standing nose to nose with Orton, who simply breaks out into a smile and challenges Sting to a match at Wrestlemania so Orton can prove, once again, that he is the Legend Killer. Sting accepts and the two exchange a handshake but the dastardly Orton drops Sting with an RKO to close out the show.

Orton keeps cutting his dastardly promos, promising that he’s going to destroy Sting and that he’ll put the final nail in the joke of a coffin that is his career. Sting, on the other hand, remains off WWE TV until the final Raw before Wrestlemania which kicks off with “Sting” in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand. He goes on about how he doesn’t deserve to be going into the Hall Of Fame and that he’s going to be crushed by Randy Orton at Wrestlemania. When the fans realised that it’s Orton, not Sting, they begin to boo and jeer very loudly but those boo’s and jeers turn into screams and cheers as Sting is suddenly lowered into the ring and he attacks Orton, nailing him with Stinger Splash before attempting a Scorpion Death Drop that Orton manages to escape before he runs back up the ramp. Sting grabs a microphone to address the fans: “It’s show-time, folks! Randy Orton has been running his mouth for the past month and I’m absolutely sick of it. At Wrestlemania, this Sunday, I will step into the ring with you, Randy Orton, and I will show you that I’ve has still got some Sting left in the tail. At Wrestlemania, the Legend will kill the Legend Killer. Woooooooo!!” Orton is stunned as Sting takes in the ovation from the fans before Raw cuts to commercial.

Spoiler for Chris Jericho Vs Undertaker:
Chris Jericho makes his return as a surprise entrant in the 2011 Royal Rumble Match, hitting the ring as number 40 before being eliminated third from last by his former NXT protégé, Wade Barrett. Jericho returns to Raw the next night in one on one competition in an attempt to qualify for the Raw Elimination Chamber but fails to do so, losing to Wade Barrett. Jericho then shows up on Smackdown, just four days later, and competes in another Royal Rumble qualifying match but is felled by Big Show this time leaving Jericho frustrated by his failure to get into the Main Event at Wrestlemania. Jericho begins beating guys, left and right, claiming he’s the last true mega-star of the WWE. Just 9 days before the Elimination Chamber PPV, he announces that, instead of competing at the show, he’ll be hosting a very special edition of the Highlight Reel with two huge guests, Alberto Del Rio and the returning Triple H. The Highlight Reel turns into a brawl as Jericho and Del Rio beat down Triple H alongside The Miz and Alex Riley. The lights suddenly cut out and, when they come back, The Undertaker is stood in the middle of the ring. Jericho is caught with hard right hand before rolling out of the ring and backing up the ramp with Miz, Del Rio and Riley as Undertaker nails Triple H with a Chokeslam.

Jericho comes out the first Smackdown after Elimination Chamber and gives what is seemingly his retirement speech. Claiming that he’s done it all; for being the first Undisputed Champion to being a rock star to being a best selling author to headlining Wrestlemania against the likes of Edge and Triple H. Just as he is about to leave the ring, the arena lights go down and The Undertaker arrives to tell Jericho that he hasn’t done EVERYTHING and that, to truly say he has done everything, he has to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, laying down at challenge for Atlanta. Jericho stalls, saying he needs time to think about his decision and that he’ll let Undertaker know the next week on Smackdown. That next week on Smackdown, Jericho is part of the World Title Pick Your Poison challenge and is defeated by Christian. Later that night, The Undertaker returns to in-ring action on Smackdown, facing the World Champion, Edge, as the final part of the Pick Your Poison Challenge. ‘Taker wins by disqualification following interference from Chris Jericho, who attacks Undertaker with a steel chair before getting on the microphone and saying he accepts ‘Takers Challenge for Wrestlemania before promising he’ll end the streak.

As the huge Wrestlemania collision draws closer, Jericho and Undertaker take part in an official contract signing which ends in a brawl, seeing Jericho receive a Chokeslam through a table at the hands of the Dead-man. Jericho licks his wounds and cuts a promo the next week of Smackdown saying that Undertaker is an animal who belongs in a cage after that ‘unprovoked attack’ the previous week. He says at Wrestlemania, he’ll not only tame The Undertaker but he’ll put him down for good. Jericho seems confident as he easily defeats Evan Bourne, using Undertaker’s patented Tombstone Piledriver, sending a message to the Dead-man going into Wrestlemania. The final Smackdown, just two days before the big show, sees the two step into the ring as part of a 6 man tag team match, Jericho taunts Undertaker whenever he’s in the ring before Undertaker tags in and beats the crap out of Jericho who immediately tags in Edge, before Taker tags in Christian and goes running after the cowardly Jericho, chasing him all the way backstage, the last we see of them before the PPV.

Spoiler for WWE Heavyweight Championship: The Miz (c) Vs Triple H:
As The Miz somehow manages to keep a grip on his precious WWE Championship belt, retaining it at both the Royal Rumble and inside the Elimination Chamber, his number one contender for Wrestlemania is named at the Elimination Chamber PVV. When Chris Jericho hosts a special edition Highlight Reel at Elimination Chamber featuring the Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio and the returning Triple H, The Game announces to the world that he is the new Number One Contender and will be taking on The Miz for the WWE Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. Del Rio, believing Triple H is stealing some of his limelight, gets into a war of words with The King Of Kings and the two begin brawling. Jericho is quick to try and break up the fray but ends up getting nailed by The Game and both Del Rio and Jericho begin double-teaming Triple H. Quick off the mark, The Miz and Alex Riley also race down to the ring and help beat down Triple H, trying to send a message to the new Number One Contender when the lights cut out and, when they come back on, Undertaker stands in the ring. Miz is quick to flee, along with Del Rio, but Jericho and Riley get a right hand and a big boot for their troubles. Triple H is also greeted by a Chokeslam from the Dead-man.

The very first Raw following Elimination Chamber sees Triple H return to the ring as he faces off with John Cena in a huge Main Event match. The two huge superstars battle it out like gladiators and, just as Cena looks ready to defeat The Game with the Attitude Adjustment in his first match back, CM Punk appears at the top of the entrance ramp, causing enough of a distraction to allow Triple H to slip out and nail Cena with the Pedigree for the three count. Miz and Riley come out the next week on Raw and claim Triple H is not ready to be thrown back into contention for the WWE Championship and that, to prove himself to champ, he would have to face and defeat all the members of Nexus in a Handicap Elimination Tag Team Match with ONE partner of his choosing. Triple H chooses Batista and, between them, they down all 7 members of Nexus before Miz sneaks into the ring and attacks Triple H from behind, nailing him with the WWE Championship belt, laying him out cold as Raw goes off the air.

Between then and Wrestlemania, Triple H and The Miz continue to have altercations; a war of words with Triple H calling The Miz a cross between The Rock and Seth Green, a double-team attack where Riley and Miz both beat Triple H down before The Game manages to get his hands on an equaliser in the form of a Sledgehammer and a singles match between Triple H and Riley that sees The Game nail The Miz (who’s on commentary for the match) and take out with a Pedigree for the win. The final Raw before Wrestlemania sees the superstar team of Triple H, Batista and John Cena team up against The Miz, Wade Barrett and CM Punk with Triple H getting the pin on the WWE Champion himself. Before posing with the WWE Championship in hand and The Miz down in the middle of the ring to close out the show.

Spoiler for CM Punk Vs John Cena:
On the very first Raw of the New Year, John Cena is out in the middle of the ring, promising the fans that he’ll win this years Royal Rumble Match and that he’ll go on to headline Wrestlemania against the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. Cena is cut off by CM Punk who tells Cena he shouldn’t be making promises that he can’t keep because Punk will be the one winning the Royal Rumble Match. Cena calls Punk a loud-mouth and says that, while he talks a big game, when it comes down to it, he’s really a coward and challenges him to a match that night on Raw to prove himself. Punk accepts the challenge and is felled by John Cena, who counters the GTS into a STF for the submission victory. Punk refuses to admit Cena got the better of him in the run up to the Royal Rumble, saying the first time they step into the ring together, Punk WILL eliminate Cena. Cena plays Punk up to be a psychopath and Punk retaliates by attacking Cena with a lead pipe during a live interview segment, the Raw before the Royal Rumble, knocking him out of the Raw Rumble Match. Punk goes on to win the Raw Rumble Match, eliminating Randy Orton last to get the win. As the show closes, Cena comes out and stands at the top of the entrance ramp, he and Punk stare each other down as the show closes out. During the actual Royal Rumble Match, Cena and Punk hit the ring number 38 and 39 respectively, leaving them as two of the last guys competing in the Rumble Match. Cena manages to eliminate Smackdown’s Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, before Punk sneaks up behind Cena, tossing him up and over the top rope, costing him the Royal Rumble Match and his shot at headlining Wrestlemania. Punk manages to last all the way to the final three alongside Barrett and Del Rio. As he and Barrett battle it out whilst hanging over the top rope, Del Rio spots his opportunity and lifts both men up and over the top rope, Punk hitting the floor last, as Del Rio claims the Rumble win.

As we move on from the Royal Rumble, Raw the next night sees both John Cena and CM Punk qualify for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match at the next PPV, Elimination Chamber. It’s plain to see that neither man wants to see the other claim the victory and the title for their own, Punk again attacking Cena before his 8 Man Tag Team Match against Nexus and then, the Raw before Elimination Chamber, Cena nails Punk with an Attitude Adjustment through the Announcers Table at ringside in retaliation. During the actual Elimination Chamber Match itself, Cena starts the match off against John Morrison before Punk enters at number three, quickly attacking Cena and taking advantage of being the fresher man. Following Morrison’s elimination at the hands of the defending champion, Punk is eliminated following an Attitude Adjustment onto the steel grating surrounding the ring, Cena getting his revenge on Punk by costing him a shot at getting into the Main Event at Wrestlemania. Cena is eventually eliminated himself by the defending champ after Batista nailed him with a high-impact spear, seeing Cena’s Wrestlemania dreams go up in smoke too as The Miz went on to retain the gold.

With John Cena’s thirst for the WWE Championship left unquenched, Cena tells the WWE Universe that he’s looking for a challenge at Wrestlemania, that he’ll take on the person who thinks he can take Cena down. CM Punk comes out and cuts a promo of his own, calling Cena the poster boy for a new age of super-hero wrestlers and that Cena is not a wrestler (citing things fans have hated on Cena for in the past; his limited move-set which builds genuine heat.) and is just an entertain and that, in an actual wrestling match, Punk could beat anyone in the roster, John Cena included. Cena dares Punk to come down to the ring and out-wrestle him their and then and, just as it looks like Punk is going to accept the challenge, he backs out and says he’ll face Cena but he’ll decided when and under what terms. On the same Raw that sees Barrett/Batista officially signed for Wrestlemania, John Cena faces off with The Miz in a Non-Title Match. Punk interferes in the match, giving Cena the DQ win, before nailing John with a GTS. Punk gets a microphone and tells Cena that he just proved he could put him down for the three and that he’ll do it again at Wrestlemania. Punk calls Cena a joke to the company and says he’s a bad face for the company, Cena retaliates by saying he sells more merchandise than anyone else, is more popular than any other superstar on the Raw roster and that he makes every single public appearance he can for the company. Neither man budges an inch as we go into the final Raw before Wrestlemania which sees a huge 6-Man Tag Team match with Triple H, Batista and John Cena taking on their respective Wrestlemania opponents; The Miz, Wade Barrett and CM Punk. Punk and Cena have several lengthy stretches against each other in the Match before Cena spears Punk into the steel steps, taking himself out in the process before Triple H picks up the win in the ring and closes out the show.

Spoiler for Wade Barrett Vs Batista:
The Nexus are dominating the Royal Rumble Match, throwing men out left, right and center, leaving bodies sprawled out around the ring, when Batista hits the ring and eliminates 3 of the 5 Nexus members within the space of a minute and a half as well as eliminating Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre. Batista goes on to eliminate Justin Gabriel as well but as Gabriel and Batista have an exchange of words following Gabriel’s elimination, Wade Barrett sneaks up behind Batista and throws him out of the Rumble, costing him his shot at a Wrestlemania Title match (Barrett is later eliminated last along with CM Punk by Alberto Del Rio). The night after the Royal Rumble, Batista comes out to a raucous ovation from the crowd in attendance as he cuts a promo saying he sat and watched the Nexus run riot on Raw and he just got sick of it and decided to come back to take them all out. He is interrupted by an e-mail for the anonymous Raw General Manager who announces Batista Vs Randy Orton for a spot in the WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match. Batista goes on to defeat Orton to claim his spot, alongside Wade Barrett, John Cena, CM Punk, John Morrison and defending WWE Champion, The Miz. The week before Chamber, Batista is the victim of a gangland attack from all 7 members of Nexus, who beat him down in the ring before Cena, Morrison, Daniel Bryan and The Hart Dynasty all come down to even out the odds. Eventually, Batista is left alone in the ring with David Otunga, who he nails with a Batista Bomb onto a steel chair, giving him a (kayfabe) concussion, putting him out of action for the foreseeable future.

At the Elimination Chamber, Wade Barrett and Batista both have strong showings inside the Chamber as the two are the last two men to enter the Chamber, Barrett nailing Miz, Cena and Punk with Wasteland’s respectively before Batista storms the ring and cleans house, taking out men left and right. Following Punk’s elimination at the hands of John Cena, Batista gains a measure of revenge over Wade Barrett by eliminating him from the match with a Batista Bomb. Batista then takes out Cena with a Spear, allowing The Miz to get the pin and eliminate Cena. As it looks like Batista is actually going to pick up the win and claim the title, he sets Miz up for a Batista Bomb but before he can lift him, Miz counters with a low blow and quickly capitalises on the situation with a Skull-Crushing Finale for the three, retaining the WWE Championship and stopping Batista’s chances of headlining Wrestlemania dead in the process.

The very first Raw after Elimination Chamber, Batista cuts a promo claiming he was within a whisker of claiming the WWE Championship and going on to headline Wrestlemania. He is cut off by Wade Barrett, who tells Batista that The Animal cost Barrett his own opportunity at being in the main event at his first-ever Wrestlemania and that Nexus will make sure that Batista suffers the consequences. All members of Nexus then appear through the crowd and jump into the ring, laying another beat-down on Batista before Barrett enters the ring himself and takes Batista out with a Wasteland. The next week on Raw, an injured Batista helps Triple H overcome every single member of Nexus to gain a measure of revenge over the group. He follows it up the next week by calling out Barrett, saying he’s a coward and that, in a one on one match, he’d be ripped apart by The Animal. Barrett comes out and tells Batista that he’s man enough to tame The Animal and that, if Batista really wants a piece of him, he can get it at Wrestlemania. Batista is then thrown in with the wolves of Nexus again, facing Mason Ryan, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match but Batista manages to overcome the odds to get the win before dropping Mason Ryan with a huge Spinebuster onto a solid steel chair, taking out yet another member of Nexus, leaving just five of them. Barrett and Nexus cut a promo the next week saying that The Animal is on a war-path and has managed to take out two members of the Nexus but that that does not matter because The Nexus are still strong in numbers and, better yet, are a lot smarter than Batista. Batista is then shown backstage, tied up, bloodied and beaten, seemingly destroyed by Nexus. Barrett claims that ‘he saw his opportunity and took The Animal out because he can.’ Later that night, during Wade Barrett’s Main Event match up with Triple H, Batista comes out, bandaged up and limping but angered. Batista takes Barrett out with a huge chair shot before delivered a massive Batista Bomb to close out the show. With just days left until Wrestlemania, three of WWE’s biggest stars team up in a blockbuster 6-Man Tag Team Match as Triple H and John Cena join forces with Batista to take on The Miz, CM Punk and Wade Barrett. As the matches comes to its conclusion and Triple H sets The Miz up for the Pedigree, Wade Barrett tries to break it up but receives a spear for his troubles. Batista lifts Triple H’s arm at the end of the match as he eyes Barrett who stumbles back up the ramp.
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