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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH: Blood Stained Honor

Steel Cahe Match for the ROH World Championship:

Jay Briscoe vs. Samoa Joe(c)

This was during Joe's title reign where he was just a total badass. In the opening minutes he had locked the door shut so Jay couldn't escape and Jay was already bleeding heavily. The early beat down set up the rest of the match perfectly because it became nearly impossible not to be pulling for Jay after watching Joe nearly kill him. It was awesome how the crowd was watching in what honestly seemed like stunned silence and within minutes they had been worked int a frenzy with most of them supporting Jay Briscoe. It didn't last too long but they told an amazing story here and he blood really added to the match.

Street Fight:
The Second City Saints (Ace Steele and CM Punk) vs. The Prophecy (Dan Maff and BJ Whitmer)

With this taking place in Chicago Punk and Ace were insanely over. While I liked this match I'm probably not going to be as high on it as most. They brought the feeling of intensity and they really beat the hell out of each other but I'm much more of a fan of the wild, out of control, fast paced brawl. This certainly wasn't that. Still I can't hate on it too much because it did have some great stuff. It was brutal, had a fucking awesome chair riot, and kept me entertained. While I'm not the biggest fan of this style I can still recognize that they did the style very well. Fun to see Punk in a match so different from what he's doing now as well.

Dog Collar Match:
Jimmy Rave w/The Embassy vs. CM Punk

Rave started with a sneak attack but it didn't take long before he was getting his ass handed to him by Punk. Now this may seem biased but I swear Green Lantern Fan distracted Punk and let Rave take control of the match. The start of the match was kind of weird because I never would have expected to see Punk on the offense for any extended period of time early on. And when he was on offense it wasn't even this house of fire deal, it was a methodical beat down of Rave. Just strange. Once Rave got control of the match and busted Punk open this took the path that I was expecting with Rave controlling the match leading up to the big comeback from Punk. I do like that they teased the comeback a few times as it just really built it up that much more.

The Embassy did end up getting heavily involved and costing Punk the match. It's unfortunate that this match was all about building up the feud for the cage match that they were going to have in Chicago only a week later. I wish they had put the feud ender on this DVD. What we got was still really good and set up perfectly for a cage match though so I will give it credit. It's a great middle chapter of a story but it sucks not getting the ending.

Steel Cage Warfare:

The Embassy (Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, Abyss, and Prince Nana) vs. Generation Next (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jack Evans, and Matt Sydal)

Basically this is the traditional War Games match (1 guys enters every 5 minutes) with the only difference being that this was elimination style. The first time I saw this match I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Watching it literally years later it doesn't hold up quite as well. The fist 20 minutes were really generic with the heels having the numbers advantage so when the Embassy had numbers they dominated only to lose it for a while to a house of fire face entering the match. The problem that I saw was that Generation Next wasn't able to keep up the fast pace comebacks. Abyss created a really interesting dynamic as Abyss was fucking awesome at this time and just killed the smaller guys. His interactions with Shelley were pretty hilarious. It's not that I don't love a well built up comeback but it just took so long to get there and watching the Embassy beat up Strong and Aries for so long didn't do all that much for me. The beginning of the match had it's moments but it took too long to get to the climax.

When Evans (the last man to enter the match) came in things went crazy. He immediately hit a double moonsault off the cage onto all the members of the Embassy (who were distracted by Jade Chung) and seemed to land on his had. Classic Jack Evans. Watching Generation Next complete the comeback was pretty awesome and it was great to finally see Nana get his ass kicked. But honestly I wasn't a huge fan of this at all. I feel like the same thing could have been accomplished in half the time. The War Games stipulation probably took more away from the match than it added and the story telling was so basic. I can't believe how different my opinion on this is. It wasn't bad but the amount of time it took I wouldn't ever want to watch this again. Great moments but at times unbearable.

"I Quit" Match:

Homicide vs. Colt Cabana

Holy shit was this incredible. As much as the last match got worse over the years this got better. Yeah this is essentially Cabana getting annihilated by Homicide with a lot of help from Rickey Reyes and Julius Smokes but I"m not sure if I've ever seen Cabana play a better babyface. The guy was incredible and by the end of the match you were praying that he was somehow going to find a way to beat Homicide. It didn't happen here but this match managed to build up perfectly to their Fight Without Honor while still being a great stand alone match. Homicide brought is A-game as a heel and watching this just made me want to punch him in the face. Awesome performance from both guys and this makes me want to go and hunt down the next match they had together.

CZW (Chris Hero, Necro Butcher, and Super Dragon) vs. ROH (Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer, and Adam Pearce)

This was just a war. They fought all over the place and just hit each other with whatever they could find. The intensity and the violence was incredible. Great crowd too, with the CZW fans in attendance bringing the best out of the ROH fans that were there. Hero and Joe were both fantastic as the leaders of their teams. Joe just being an animal that was loved by the ROH fans and an obnoxious heel Chris Hero that the fans wanted to see get hurt. At one point the place erupted because Hero found himself in the ring alone with Samoa Joe.

The ending was just another great chapter in the ROH/CZW storyline. The big swerve is Claudio siding with Hero and reforming the Kings of Wrestling in this storyline. It was an awesome moment as you could just hear all the fans in the arena make this shocked and angry noise when they realized what happened. This was exactly what was needed for this feud. It was a total war from bell to bell and it never let up. Best match on the DVD so far and this has really made me want to go and watch the Cage of Death match again.

Windy City Death Match:

Jimmy Jacobs w/Lacey vs. Colt Cabana

Having this take place in Chicago created a great atmosphere. Really whenever ROH was smart enough to book Punk or Cabana in a big match in Chicago great things happened with the crowd. While Cabana was a great babyface in the match with Homicide this was where we got to see a mean streak in him. The match itself was a blood bath and again you could really feel the hatred between the guys in the match. There was some interference from Whitmer and Albright that I thought was really unnecessary and after the intensity fell for a little while and the match became a lot less interesting for a few minutes. Also there was a really awkward spot where the tale they were trying to use was broken and they had to try to set up the replacement. They got in done as best as the could but it was a really awkward moment. At least the table spot thy were trying to set up was awesome.

So this had some flaws and one stagnant segment but overall this was great. It's everything that I want to see in a hardcore match because you had two guys that just went crazy as soon as the match started and they never let up. There were some great spots as well but for me it's really about being ale to feel the blood feud.

Street Fight:
Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. The Briscoes

Some notes before the review:
1. LOL at Security Guard Rhett Titus
2. Some camera mistakes I think. Like I would see a spot between Generico and Jay but still hear the audio between Mark and Steen. Not a huge deal though.
3. I hope this was the main event because they totally trashed the venue

Now onto the match.

I could point to a hundred different awesome spots that this match to explain how violent and out of control this was. I could talk about how they fought all over the venue and hit each other with whatever they could find. I could mention that hey broke the guard rails, dozens of chairs, tables, and some other stuff. I could point out that at one point Steen was hitting a Briscoe with a pink woman's purse, and then later on he was using a sneaker he found in the crowd as a weapon. None of these things would really let someone know how out of control this was. Here's the best way to say it. ROH probably has the biggest smark audience out of everyone. While setting up for a spot I literally saw some of the people in the crowd run away in fear of getting caught up in the middle of the action. Yes they got the fans afraid of the wrestlers in this match.

It wasn't until they were about 15-20 minutes that they all went down and finally took a breather. At that point the place was in a total frenzy and the breather didn't last al that long before they were back to attempting murder on each other. I've seen a lot of wrestling and this is one of the most out of control matches that I've ever seen. Just amazing and put of all the Steen and Generico vs. Briscoe matches out there this is hands down the best one that I've seen from them.

This is an incredible set. I loved it and I know that a lot of people will like the Steel Cage Warfare a lot more than I did as well as the Saints/Prophecy match. I think you can still find this for like $10 online and if you haven't seen the matches you really should pick up the DVD. SOme of the best hardcore wrestling that you can find and it features some of ROH's best feuds.
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