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Originally Posted by DoubleDeckerBar View Post
Austin and current Taker should be the highest rated in the game imo, Austin was hotter than hot in 98 when the game is set, and current Taker is literally unbeatable. Lesnar should be higher too, this is a guy that made John Cena look like a jobber for 95% of the match.

Jack Swagger should be lower, how on earth is this guy the same as Wade Barrett? Cesaro, Sandow and Ryback should be a bit higher too, although they were all doing squash matches when their characters would have been made so I understand why they aren't.

92 is a bit high for Bryan, he's very good, but kayfabe wise is he equal to Brock Lesnar? Of course not. I think 90 would have been suffice for Bryan, he does too many clean jobs to be a 92 imo.
I agree with pretty much all of this but I think, in some cases, the ratings have to do more with the talent level of the wrestler than their company position. In Bryan's case there's none better than him in the ring and he's obviously improved his charisma tenfold since wwe'12 so the rating makes a lot of sense despite his win/loss record this year.

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