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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

Old school wrestling games, plenty of memories there lol. Mainly on the PS1, didn't get the chance to play the N64 ones until a couple of years ago. WrestleMania: The Arcade Game isn't a classic, but it was a ton of fun. Same for In Your House: The Arcade Game. Was never that into the likes of street fighter and mortal kombat back then because I couldn't do all the big complicated moves. WM and IYH were similar in how they controlled, but much more simplified AND the instructions manual told you how to do the finishers so I had no problem . Then Warzone and Attitude came along and they mixed the old arcade fighting style with the upcoming grappling style, where you had loads of moves you could execute... but a bazillion button combinations to remember in order to do them. Fuck that shit. Never got into those 2.

Then Mayhem came around. At the time I was able to see more WCW than WWF, so I was hyped like FUCK for it to come out. Smackdown was coming out around the same time I think, and I definitely wanted it after seeing the screenshots in Planet Playstation of the cage match. So when I was ordering some discs once (a guy called Roy on the market had a list and you just phoned him up with orders lol), I asked if he had Mayhem in yet. He said no, but asked if it was a wrestling game. I said yeah, and he said he had a new one called WWF Smackdown in. I the absolute fuck out because it looked like the better game even if I was more into WCW at the time. Man, what a long wait it was until the next day when he delivered it. Got Mayhem a week later. Would play an hour or so of one game then an hour or so of the other, and do that for like, a day . Mayhem was cool with commentary and a roster I was more familiar with, while SD had better match types (Mayhem seemed to have about 10 versions of a No DQ match lol) and a more organised season mode.

And then SD 2 came out, along with Backstage Assault. BA was Mayhem with an updated roster... AND NO RING. A wrestling game without a ring. The fuck is this shit? Backyard wrestling? SD 2 was far too awesome anyway, so even if BA was good I likely wouldn't have given it the same kind of attention as the first one.
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