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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post

There is nothing 'racist' about saying blacks will riot when Obama loses, an idiot can see its going to happen. Do you seriously think it isn't going to happen?
I should tell you that the last "riot" that occurred was because of a legal injustice. People aren't going to riot over a Presidential election.

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
And liberals DONT constantly use race-politics? Telling people that 'they'll have you back in chains' and the like?
So that's ONE line from Biden. And for the record, I also thought that was an unnecessary line because he should be above that type of racially coded language. Do you have any other examples? I could pull out countless examples from Republicans in the last 5 years (or even the last year). Don't you think there's a reason why a Republican based channel like Fox News is known for being bigoted? Don't use projection in this case because it's not going to work.

Trayon Martin? You mean the thug who violently attacked a man and got shot dead in self-defence which he had the right to do?
Thug? Based on what? He wasn't the one with the criminal record. Zimmerman was the one with the criminal record who was following someone when he didn't need to. At least you're admitting that you're the same guy from that thread.

Thank you Edge.

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