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Re: Bill Goldberg: Star or just hype?

Bill was really a guy with the right look, and attitude, for his time and place.

Lots of guys hate on him, because they see him as a guy who was nothing but a push. I think that is absurd. We have seen a LOT of failed pushes.

Late 1990's wrestling was very theatrical, with flashy costumes, and then a newly added badass edge to it.

Bill came along, and even though he is far from the biggest guy ever in wrestling, he was a big guy, 6'3" 285 pounds, and his body looked very strong. He did not oil up as much or even shave his chest completely, and combined with his big trapezius muscles, his look made him stand out from the typical fully shaved oiled up towering bodybuilder types.

Bills looked was based on the early MMA fighters at the time, and this was sort of a contrast to what a lot of the other wrestlers were wearing at the time. His outfit being MORE simple than the rest.

He just looked like a gritty badass, and he was really able to pull off some power moves, and he could move himself very quickly.

Then there was his intense attitude too. The little things like the look on a man's face, his body language, it speaks to the audience more than the big gestures do. The little things matter.

Now, the bad parts are also pretty obvious. Nobody ever taught be Bill the ropes on what makes for good feuds and careers, and how it would actually beneficial if a worthy opponent eventually kicks out of his finisher, so they could sell a big feud of the next several months. That sometimes it is good to lose, so you can sell a re-match.

As far as in ring performance goes, his biggest flaw was being a high risk for injuring his co-performer(opponent). Buddy the troll at the Power Plant did not do a very good job at teaching Bill the fine art of protect your opponent.

Although to be fair, the most notable injury bill ever caused a guy was a freak accident. It was a miss timed kick. I think Bill gets more flack from the IWC from that not because of what he did, but because of WHO got the career ending injury. Many wrestlers have accidentally hurt someone. It is going to happen eventually. No matter how careful you are. In Bills case it was a favorite of many of the more wrestling purist fans heroes, and Bill happened to already be on their sh!t list for being a green wrestler getting a big push.

Bill had some very great attributes, but he was not the best ever. At the time he was what WCW needed, he made a LOT of money, and got out and has handled his wealth intelligently. Bill also seems to be a genuinely good person, who cares about other people and is very polite to fans, especially kids.
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