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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
at how liberal this place is. Hardly a surprise.

Could you be a more stereotypical demographic if you tried?

Also, another at the posters on here with their Obama sigs and pics, you realise that a tiny percentage of people on here will actually either be old enough to vote or will even bother to vote? (as most young people dont) You ain't persuading anybody guys.

Personally, and I've said this before, the main reason I want Obama to lose is to see the reaction from the smug, up-their-own-backsides, love the smell of their own shit, self-righteous, brainwashed, hypocritical, white liberals and in particular the riots and violence which will no doubt come from black America destroying their own neighbourhoods and communities (that will happen, make no doubt about it).

Its gonna be one hell of a show. I'm getting the popcorn ready.

Again, I'm not a big Romney fan as he is completely in the pockets of Zionists and Isreal, but seeing the reaction from Obama supporters and the race riots from 'Obamas sons' will be great entertainment.

Let the games begin

(A word of advice in all seriousness people, I'd get a gun if you are old enough and live somewhere where its legal if you dont already have one as you may well be needing it if you live in heavily 'enriched' areas when he loses, because I'm telling you now that all hell will break loose when those people realise their welfare, food stamps and free healthcare is going to be taken away)
I've read some of this guy's past posts and he's sending a rather strong Unabomber vibe. Be gentle when you ban him or Jebus might lead him to believe the goverment is out for his still. He's the KKKind of book a dentist would leave in his waiting room to let other child predators know he can be trusted.

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