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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
I'd suggest its more racist that 95% of blacks voted for a man purely based on his skin colour. I could of sworn MLK said that people should do the complete opposite of that? 'Judge a man by his character and not the colour of his skin' wasn't it?

Obviously black Americans dont agree.

Romney can win with 0% of the black and hispanic vote and 69% of the white vote. Perhaps unlikely, but not impossible with the division that Obama has caused.
I thinks it's amazingly fun that you just don't even consider that the large majority of the black vote goes Democrat each election. But, no, lets not even talk about that.. lets steer this entire thing to a race related issue and show our angry confederate waving ignorant side!

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
at how liberal this place is. Hardly a surprise.
Little late to the show, my friend, this was brought up before and put to rest. People are mostly liberal on a wrestling forum because it's mostly younger Americans, and the younger generation is all about social freedom. I'm not going into a ton of detail, I did this before, look for yourself.

Also, another at the posters on here with their Obama sigs and pics, you realise that a tiny percentage of people on here will actually either be old enough to vote or will even bother to vote? (as most young people dont) You ain't persuading anybody guys.
Can't really speak for everybody, but me personally I just though this was a place for discussion. Perhaps i'm wrong, but that's what a forum seems to be for to me. Who knows.

As far as the pro-Obama sig's and avatars, it's election season for goodness sakes. When a new movie comes out, such as Batman, people like to use those on here as well to show their appreciation for the things that mean something to them. I don't think an avatar or signature are made to sway opinions, and if someones opinion could so easily be swayed then they really shouldn't vote in the first place.

Personally, and I've said this before, the main reason I want Obama to lose is to see the reaction from the smug, up-their-own-backsides, love the smell of their own shit, self-righteous, brainwashed, hypocritical, white liberals
I'm sorry, you just sound like a butthurt Republican who thinks that Obama's going to lose and is getting an erection over the election. And if you really hold that much of a vendetta over a group of people that you don't give a shit about which direction this country heads, you just want to see some people get saddened by their candidate losing, then you are a fucking sad individual who needs to learn to grow up and let things go.

and in particular the riots and violence which will no doubt come from black America destroying their own neighbourhoods and communities (that will happen, make no doubt about it).
Is racism allowed here? Because correct me if i'm wrong, but this is just blatant racism. You sound like you have a white hood over your face right now, seriously. Are you some kind of race psychic, who can determine exactly whats going to happen?

Its gonna be one hell of a show. I'm getting the popcorn ready.
Not surprised that this sorta thing entertains someone like you.

Again, I'm not a big Romney fan as he is completely in the pockets of Zionists and Isreal, but seeing the reaction from Obama supporters and the race riots from 'Obamas sons' will be great entertainment.

Let the games begin
You gotta grow the fuck up, man. The racist undertones of your messages are insulting.

(A word of advice in all seriousness people, I'd get a gun if you are old enough and live somewhere where its legal if you dont already have one as you may well be needing it if you live in heavily 'enriched' areas when he loses, because I'm telling you now that all hell will break loose when those people realise their welfare, food stamps and free healthcare is going to be taken away)
What's funny, pathetic, and all together frightening is that i'm sure you actually mean this.

People like you are whats wrong with this country, and listen, it's not your fault. Education is in the shitter in America, obviously you were one of the kids we as a country let down. I feel sorry for you, friend, I truly do.

"I found a liquor store, and I drank it."

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