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Re: After team hell no who can see a Bryan/Barrett fued?

Originally Posted by VladMan2012 View Post
Can't see this happening at all given the fact Daniel Bryan will be involved in more midcard/main-event roles, and Wade Barrett has been booked piss-poor since returning. Not to mention they've feuded over a year ago and it was just a random, pointless filler feud. Won't happen, nor should it happen.

Bryan definitely needs a face turn. He's the most unconvincing heel on the roster, so I feel a face turn would suit him much better, especially with all the massive face-like pops he's been getting.
Just because he's getting face-like pops doesn't mean they should turn him face. When he goes face he'll have to limit his angry character and heel tactics that made him get over in the first place.

Similar thing happened to R-Truth and Cm Punk when they turned face. Maybe Bryan can pull it off, but WWE might turn him into a smiling goody and ruin his character.

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