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Re: Monster Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
I was thinking this also?
I may not be on now for a number of hours.
Vote MDP
He needs to be looked at. His posts have been limited and pretty much pointless EXCEPT give me a scum read.
starts an MDP wagon
Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
typical MDP? just coasting by like in every other game, lol. thats how he won Sopranos as mafia.
vote MDP
Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Back to MDP I guess, same reasons. Vote: MDP
We're good sXe.
Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
Wagoning on for the time being
Vote MDP
Skyfall & MCQueen follow, but state their reasons. TBG just sheeps, that's not typical TBG
Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Guys MDP is town.
Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
Unvote MDP
after MDP claimed they buy the claim...TBG really just sheeping whatever
Originally Posted by TKOK! View Post
good night for town. I'm going to buy MDP's claim. he usually doesn't post a whole lot more than fluff and imo Zombies makes sense as a VIG.
scum bought it too
Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
There were 3 deaths on Night 1 yet MDP is claiming that he didn't kill anybody and that he's the vig...
Vote MDP
good reasoning, even though MDP was town I think Fitz was being town with this post
Originally Posted by TKOK! View Post
Actually you are right Taylor :vote MDP
then TKOK jumps back on so it's clear at least more than 1 scum is on this wagon
Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
This is currently a slow moving game.
My current vote is on MDP, potentially fake PR and doubtful claim based of results we've already got.
Lets just lynch this sucka!
he fully claimed (even though fake character) and you don't even give it a 2nd thought?
Originally Posted by Mikey Damage View Post
Is it day still?
I will vote for CP.
yeah, like what? 3rd post in the game and at night. blind vote on CP to look cute and funny. Mikey's scum game is playing innocent, so this sticks out to me.

I want to know why Cloverleaf found the PR and claim of MDP fake, and I think one of Mikey and TBG are scum.

vote TheBadyGuy

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